Everybody was kung fu fighting

I feel a bit odd today. Like I’ve passed some kind of event horizon, and I’m not sure what happens next. 14691365_10154605319006823_4277217459990167579_o

It’s the week after last week – obviously – but last Friday was my two-day workshop. My first live workshop. And I spent the several weeks in the run-up to it flipping out. Not overtly, and not in a running around screeching way, but just in a quiet desperation kind of way.

And I didn’t even realise it until I sat down on the sofa with a glass of Champagne on Friday night.

What a waste of energy all that stressing was, because in the end the workshop was great. I really, really enjoyed it. And my attendees told Joe (and me) they really enjoyed it too.

I just hope they remember to keep using the skills I taught them in their businesses. You can be sure I’ll be reminding them… And, of course, they asked me to set up a Facebook group for them so they can keep themselves on their toes, too.

But that’s not what today’s email is about. Today’s email is about how we all borrow trouble, all the time.

I watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time last night, inspired by the cartooning course I’m doing. Yes, I’m late to many parties, and Kung Fu Panda is just one of them. It was excellently entertaining, but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Tai Lung… especially his cruel and unusual punishment. I’m still not entirely sure what he did merits that kind of isolation, which is bound to drive a leopard crazy.

But it was Oogway who caught my attention with a proverb he quoted to Shifu:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Totally hokey, I know. But it reminded me that we all spend far too long wallowing in the past (good lord I’ve wasted a lot of my precious hours that way) and we all spend far too much energy borrowing trouble from a future that hasn’t happened yet (ditto – especially this past few weeks).

None of us spends enough time basking in the present. Being mindful of what’s going on now.

It’s good to learn from the past, and it’s fun (and sensible) to make future plans… but not at the expense of living now. Now is a precious thing and it takes practice to appreciate it, I reckon.

One of the things that helps me do that is sketching cartoons. You can’t be anywhere but with your pen and paper and imagination. Find something that anchors you in the here-and-now, and do it every day.



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