18 things that feel strangely delightful and deeply satisfying

Sensation is a marvellous thing, and everyone has something quirky that makes their eyes roll into their heads and smile dopily (and no, I’m not talking about sex here, people).

Woman gazing out a window at rain

Sensations are wonderful – like listening to rain from the warm comfort of your house.

I’m talking more everyday sensations that just feel good. Like…

  1. Putting clean socks on outside, when it’s windy.
  2. Pushing your hand into a big back of uncooked rice.
  3. Taking off high-heels when you’ve been wearing them for hours and your feet hurt, and then you step onto deep carpet.
  4. Listening to the rain when you’re warm and dry.
  5. Getting goose bumps from beautiful music (for me, it’s that point in the Ave Maria).
  6. That smell after it rains (it’s called petrichor, by the way).
  7. Changing the bed sheets then getting into bed.
  8. Having the inside of your elbow stroked.
  9. When one of your favourite songs comes on the radio and you dance around the room to it.
  10. Peeling the protective plastic off new electronic devices.
  11. Getting into a warm, dry, cosy sleeping bag in a tent when it’s throwing it down outside.
  12. Cleaning your ears with a cotton bud after a shower.
  13. The quiet satisfaction when you stop the fuel pump on exactly £40.
  14. Lying in the bath while tiny bubbles form under your limbs, then pressing them into the sides of the bath so the bubbles all escape.
  15. Taking that first deep breath after you’ve been holding it, and feeling your heart start again.
  16. Morning stretches.
  17. Cool grass between your toes on a hot day.
  18. Sitting down to read Business For Superheroes with a glass of wine.

You can get your copy of Business For Superheroes here. Then while you wait for it to arrive, you should think about two things: first – what sensations do you love in a strange, nobody-else-gets-it way? And second – what hits the spot for your clients? How can you give it to them?



Vicky Fraser is a copywriter, author, and entrepreneur. She really did run away with the circus… but when she’s not swinging from a trapeze, she’s showing other copywriters and small business owners how to work with better clients, make more money, and stop missing bathtimes, first words, and dinners with angry partners. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Get your copy here.

PS I’m not kidding about the client thing. What is it about your product or service that hits their spot? It might be a physical sensation if you sell a physical product. Or it might be an emotional sensation if you don’t. What makes them catch their breath and think, “I need this in my life”? Grab a copy of my book and it’ll help you work that out.

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