Episode 49: Come Out With Your Hands Up

Joe and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary today and that means more alcohol on this special occasion! And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, I discuss the 5th and final stage of their hostage negotiation series. In fact, you can download a free PDF on this very subject to get a recap of all five steps in the show notes below.  

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Key Points

  • [0:40] It’s Vicky and Joe’s 7th wedding anniversary! 
  • [2:15] Vicky and Joe are at the 5th and final stage of their hostage negotiation series. Hurray!
  • [4:25] Be sure to go to Businessforsuperheroes.com/hostage to get your hands on the Hostage negotiation tactics PDF.
  • [6:20] Vicky replies to every email she gets!
  • [9:45] Joe has had enough alcohol for one night!
  • [11:30] When people purchase from you, that’s a really big decision they have to make.
  • [11:55] Reconfirm what your customer’s pain points are.
  • [14:35] After people buy from you, they need to know ‘what’s next’ after that purchase.
  • [17:10] Always be clear as to what’s going to happen. The worst thing you can do is confuse people!
  • [21:15] Joe does a recap of the five hostage negotiation steps one last time!

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