Surprise people – sell more

Want to see a really great online video ad?

Click here to take a look:

Why is it great? SURPRISE!

It works really well. The surprise is relevant to what they’re selling, and they get to the point fast. The whole thing is just 28 seconds long, and they manage to pack a whole bunch of information in there.

And watch closely – the attention to detail is great (see the horse figurines in the background?).

Apparently if you respond to the advert, you get a questionnaire designed to sell you what Drayton Bird describes as “grossly overpriced insurance”.

I’d think it’s probably doing quite well – and you can bet your butt they’re measuring it. Easy to do online.

Coming up with ideas like that isn’t always easy…



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PS Speaking of Drayton Bird, he commented on my blog the other day *squeeee*

“Nice one Vicky – Chairman, The League of Drunken Old Dumplings”


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