Warning: contains extreme cuteness (and breakfast)

Since we got the chickens (Granny Featherwax, Nanny Egg, and Amelia Eggheart) we have lots of eggs. Lots. Three a day, usually.

Life is great when you have the world's cutest frying pan!

Life is great when you have the world’s cutest frying pan!

So as well as becoming the World’s Greatest Poached Egg On Toast Maker, I’ve been looking into other ways to use up eggs. As well as giving them away to everyone who comes to visit and our lovely neighbours.

Last week I decided to try American-style breakfast pancakes, because I love them, and because one of my newest Inner Circle Members Ray brought me loads of real maple syrup made on his island in Canada when he came to my Being More F*cking Interesting workshop.

The experiment went okay, but the pan was too big.

So I went and bought the World’s Cutest Frying Pan. You can see it up there 

I’m sure my American and Canadian and, you know, sensible readers will tell me this is a ridiculously inefficient way to make pancakes, but nobody can argue with me that it’s the funnest.

I’m writing this as Joe takes his turn on the frying pan. Apparently I was making my pancakes “too thick”.

We’ll see. We’ll see.

So, shortly, I’ll be munching on pancakes, blueberries, pomegranate seeds (because I found them in the fridge) and lashings of maple syrup. And tea, of course.

I do love my life.

If you’re pottering around doing something similar this morning, all power to you. Are you living the life you want? Are you running the business you want?

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