“I can’t” is a waste of your life

Just a quick one (oo-er) to point something out.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back with our preconceptions.

Don't let your fears and preconceptions hold you back.

Don’t let your fears and preconceptions hold you back.


Sunday morning is climbing morning, so this morning we tootled off to the climbing wall and had a fine time. If you’ve never climbed and don’t know the ins and outs, each route up the wall is graded depending on its difficulty. Some are just plain physically hard: you need strength and flexibility and stamina. Others are technical: they require problem-solving, balance, and fiddly moves.

The higher the grade, the more difficult the climb.

At our wall the routes start at about 3+ (very easy) and go up to 8a (you need to be spiderman or possibly a gecko).

I’m comfortably leading 5+ routes and top-roping 6a+ routes.

This morning, Joe called me over and told me I was climbing “this blue one” next.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Just climb it. You’ll like it,” he said.


So up I went. Joe called advice, encouragement, and explained the tricky moves… and he was right. I did like it. And not only that, but I climbed it clean – that means I didn’t ask for any rests on the rope, I just climbed it in one (fairly) smooth go.

It was a toughie…

And when I was back on terra firma, Joe revealed the grade: 6b.

That’s the first time I’ve tackled a 6b and climbed it clean. I was really chuffed.

But you know what? Joe knows me too well. If I’d known the grade before I went up, I’d have dithered and talked myself out of it, because “I can’t climb 6bs”.

Preconceptions. They bugger everything up.

In climbing, in life, and in business.

So if you’ve never bought a business book before and you have your doubts… if you’ve bought one before and thought it a waste of your money and time… let go of those preconceptions and give Business For Superheroes a try.

You’ll be astonished at what you can accomplish if you give yourself the chance.



Vicky Fraser is a copywriter, author, and entrepreneur. She really did run away with the circus… but when she’s not swinging from a trapeze, she’s showing other copywriters and small business owners how to work with better clients, make more money, and stop missing bathtimes, first words, and dinners with angry partners. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Get your copy here.

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