Episode 51: Untangling CRM Systems with Rob Drummond

I invite Rob Drummond to demystify what this whole CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business is about. What CRM should you get and why? Rob is a big fan of Infusionsoft, but he understands quite well how quickly you can get distracted by the ‘extensiveness’ of it. Before you get involved with a CRM system, listen to this episode!  

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Key Points

  • [1:20] Who is Rob Drummond?
  • [3:05] What is a CRM system?
  • [5:45] Why are CRM systems useful?
  • [7:55] Rob talks about Infusionsoft and why he likes it as a CRM system.
  • [12:35] When people first get into Infusionsoft, they end up getting too distracted by the marketing automation stuff.
  • [13:15] How can people simplify and not get distracted by the ‘shiny’ things?
  • [16:25] How can someone get involved with a CRM system without shelling out a lot of cash?
  • [19:40] If you’re going to invest in something like this, really invest in it and use it! Don’t let it become a monthly payment monster.
  • [22:55] Before you invest in a CRM system, really sit down and write down what you’d like to achieve with it.
  • [25:55] You can really go into a deep rabbit hole with CRM systems, so really take the time to learn what you’re getting into. [30:20] Feel free to get in touch with Rob if you’d like to learn more about CRM systems!  

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