Episode 52: Exploiting Christmas For Fun & Profits

It’s nearing the end of the year! I share some examples of what companies are doing during the holiday season to generate buzz with their customers. I also discuss creative ways you can leverage the holidays for business purposes and offers suggestions on how you can reward some of your fabulous clients too!  

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Key Points

  • [0:50] Joe has just woken up, and he’s confused.
  • [2:10] Vicky’s father is the man who decorates their home with Christmas lights.
  • [3:05] Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time.
  • [3:15] Okay, so with all this holiday fun, what happens to the business?
  • [4:15] How can we exploit Christmas for profits?
  • [5:20] Send Christmas cards to your clients!
  • [7:50] Put a little bit of effort into sending a Christmas present to your best clients.
  • [12:20] What kind of goodies is Vicky offering her clients?
  • [13:55] Start planning your packages for next Christmas too!
  • [15:30] Vicky reads a funny article she found.
  • [17:45] Starbucks is running a cool holiday promotion/giveaway right now.
  • [18:55] Remember, there are people without homes who are freezing during this time of year. Take the time to donate and give to those who are less fortunate than you.
  • [21:05] Vicky shares a story about WestJet and what they’re doing for their customers during holidays.
  • [24:00] Next week, Vicky and Joe will be talking about how to avoid slacking off during the end of the year.  

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