If you’re a special brand of nutso, own it

Facebook algorithms know me well.

The other day, an advert popped up showing me cat bodysuits. Not catsuits, you understand; bodysuits with cats on them. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my tights with cat faces on them… but rest assured, this clothing is very me.

Cartoon girl exhausted, sat at desk with cat.

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So I followed the link out of curosity and found…


Which is a most splendid name for a crazy cat person website. I had a bit of a wander around it, and it made me smile. They’ve gone all out with the branding and everything is cat crazy.

They even have their own dialect: “shoppins”, “bloggins”, “frands”, “abouts” based on internet memes, I suspect. In fact, I reckon I Can Haz Cheezburger has a lot to answer for here.

If you go to their about page, you meet all the office cats and find out a little about them.

And in the “shoppins” area, you can choose from more cat-related items than I’ve ever seen gathered in one place.


Delightfully and shamelessly bonkers.

I might have to buy something from them to discover how well they carry their personality and branding through to packaging and delivery. Just for research purposes, you understand…

Anyway. I’m sharing this with you so you have a little more inspiration about how you can put personality into your business and marketing – something that’s sadly lacking in most businesses I stumble upon.

Go forth and release your quirkiness. It’ll pay off.

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