Are you observant? Will you let velociraptors eat YOUR face?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you all!

Secondly, I’d like you to watch this video please, and follow the instructions. Count the passes. Don’t read on until you’ve watched it. 

Cartoon of girl looking at mouse while stared at by two velociraptors

Don’t be so fixated on one thing that you fail to spot the face-eating velociraptors

Have you watched?

Okay, I don’t believe you – go watch it, then come back. It’s only a couple of minutes long…






Well, did you get the right answer? 🙂

Did you notice anything strange?

No? Go back and watch it again, but this time, just watch it. Don’t count.

I’ve known about this video for a looooong time, but I hadn’t actually seen it until my Superhero Member Rob sent it to me a few days ago…

I love it, because it illustrates nicely the tunnel vision we suffer from when we get fixated on something. Focus is good. Focus is great. I’m always banging on about how important it is…

But getting fixated on something to the exclusion of all else? That can be a disaster, because we miss stuff that’s vital, we miss stuff that’s important, and we miss stuff that’s just plain interesting.

Like when you’re at a rock gig and you see loads of people recording it on their mobile phones. I mean, WTF? They’re missing the acutal experience so they can capture a crappy grainy video they’ll probably never watch again? I’d rather be there, in the moment. They’re fixated on recording the experience instead of experiencing the experience.

Same thing happens in marketing aaaaaaaalllllll the time. People get fixated on one thing, one tactic, and ignore everything else. Even if that one tactic isn’t working very well for them. Instead of trying something that might make it work better – or trying something completely different – they carry on being fixated on that one thing because it’s all they know.

Lemme give you a little advice: don’t do that. Do something else instead.

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You got the stones?

Then I got something splendid for you here.



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PS Obviously I’ve illustrated this blog post, as per usual. Remember kids: pay attention to your surroundings or velociraptors will eat your face.

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