Episode 57: Marketing Warm & Fuzzies for Small Businesses

There is no Joe for this week’s episode! BUT! I  did invite two fascinating guests onto the show, Lin Armstrong and Lucy Read from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Why? Because charity! In this week’s episode, we learn about how businesses can create a mutually beneficial partnership with their charity of choice and give back to a cause that they care about and love.  

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Key Points

  • [0:55] Vicky always tells her clients not to work for free, so what should they do about charity?!
  • [1:45] Who is Lin? She does marketing for her non-profit clients, Lucy and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
  • [3:05] Who is Lucy and what role does she play in the non-profit?
  • [4:25] How can an entrepreneur help a charity?
  • [6:00] How does Lucy work with the public to raise awareness and money?
  • [7:40] Since Lucy’s work is very social, it makes sense to promote their non-profit on social media.
  • [7:55] Lin believes if you can get it right with social media, it becomes a great asset and tool.
  • [8:50] How does Lucy use social media with the businesses the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust collaborates with?
  • [10:15] How does Lucy get engagement active and alive?
  • [11:45] What does the non-profit look for in a business partner?
  • [12:55] Why would Lucy and her team reject a business and not want to work with them?
  • [14:20] What other businesses does Lin personally work with?
  • [17:30] There are quite a lot of interesting and fun ways you can help out a charity. You don’t have to just give them cash or your time!
  • [17:45] Lin currently is looking for a charity partner for her business clients.
  • [19:55] Lin’s niche is corporate social responsibility services. What does that entail exactly?
  • [22:00] How does Lin help charities and businesses get the most out of their partnership?
  • [23:20] What creative fundraising ideas have Lucy and her team come up with thus far?
  • [26:15] Vicky has a free PDF guide towards working with charities.
  • [26:55] Final thoughts from both Lin and Lucy.  

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