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I stumbled across this little gem in a Facebook group I lurk in the other day.

The author, Mike Heath, gave me permission to share it with you – because it’s bloody gold. Now, pay close attention: 

Cartoon about strategy

Create a strategy that builds you loyal customers.

I know sometimes we get caught up in our own little marketing bubbles, so I thought I’d share some fresh outside perspective from my mother, who is your perfect customer, ha.

I was talking to my mom the other week (she’s 67), and I wish I had a recording – she was telling me about a workout DVD thing she bought from a Facebook ad.

She said (roughly) “so I was scrolling through Facebook and this video popped about about a yoga DVD, and I’d been looking for a yoga workout for a while, because I couldn’t go to my local yoga place because we’re fixing up a house now (she flips houses for a living) and anyway I clicked on it.

“And this video started to play and told me all the stuff I’d get with this yoga DVD and it was this huge sales page. The video was 45 minutes long, and I thought, well I’ve spent this long watching the video, I might as well buy it.

“When I bought it, they offered to send me a new yoga DVD in the mail every month for some little price, so I bought that too, because I love having new yoga stuff to do every once in a while.

“So I did. And then I started getting emails from the yoga people. Little tips and stuff like that. And I would read them all. And one day they sent me an email saying they’d like to introduce me to their friend so-and-so, who had a workout program called Six Minutes to Skinny. And that’s a catchy name, so I clicked on the link and watched that video, and it was about 45 minutes so I figured I might as well buy that too, so I did.”

So there you have it. Take from it what you will, and I hope it gives you some insight!

This is how you create loyal customers. And for those smart enough to see it, this is all about the strategy and principles – NOT the tactics.

And I’m all about strategies and principles, baby:



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