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If you have pets, you’ll know how devastating it is when they die.

And how much you want to punch the faces of twatweasels who say stuff like, “You can get another cat.” Or, “It’s only an animal.”  

Cartoon of a woman looking upset, holding a cup of tea

Show your customers truly care. Don’t let them down like a disappointing cup of tea.

So when I saw this on FB this morning, it made me smile. Not just because it’s a lovely thing to do, but because it’s an absolute masterclass in how to do marketing well.

A woman’s dog, Jake, died a few days ago. She bought all her dog food by subscription through a company called and her latest order arrived the day before Jake died.

60 pounds of it, which is quite a lot of dog food.

She emailed to cancel her subscription and told them her dog had died, and she had no more animals in the house… and thought no more of it.

Later that day, they replied to her email to say how sorry they were — and that they’d refund her latest payment. They didn’t want the dog food sent back; instead, they asked her to donate it to an animal shelter in Jake’s name. The woman was really pleased, and pretty impressed.

A few days later, they knocked her socks off: she came home from work to find a bunch of flowers and a sympathy card from

As she said: “It is nice to know companies truly care.”


This is how you make a difference. This is how you stand out. This is how you go from being just another faceless company most people will ignore, to a company your customers love and will be fiercely loyal to.

Be a real person in your business and truly care about your customers, or nobody will care about you. And nor should they.

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PS Have you ever experienced morteafication? You have my sympathy.

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