Episode 58: Email Marketing is Dead!

Joe is back on for another fantastic podcast. Yay, it’s Joe! This week I warn people that whenever an expert is pushing for the newest shiny object, to be very wary of it being your ‘end all, be all’ solution to your problems. These are just tools to be used when you need them. Nothing beats old school, tried and true tactics! There are also some ‘gurus’ out there stating email marketing is dead, but here’s why it’s not.  

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Key Points

  • [1:35] Is email marketing dead?
  • [2:45] Be wary of those who believe only one option will work for you.
  • [2:55] Email marketing, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are just tools for you to use.
  • [3:30] How often does Joe contact his customers?
  • [4:50] How often SHOULD Joe be contacting his customers?
  • [7:15] Your aim is to build long term relationships.
  • [7:35] Companies don’t make decisions, people do.
  • [13:45] Emails are the lifeblood to your business.
  • [19:15] Vicky hates shopping in shops. It’s too stressful.
  • [20:10] However, one of Vicky’s friends, Jody, made the shopping experience quite pleasant.
  • [23:20] Do not send marketing emails via your ISP. You will get blacklisted.
  • [24:30] People might not be opening your email, but who cares? Track your sales. That’s the only metric that matters.
  • [27:00] Thanks for listening! Tune in next week to find out how you can never run out of ideas, ever, ever, again!  

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