[Podcast] Why there’s no such thing as “creative people”

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Listen up. Do you ever make the excuse, “but I’m not creative” when you need to do something, or think of something, or write something?

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Creativity is a process that becomes a habit. You’ve got to practice to get better!”

That’s bullshit.

There’s no such thing as “creative people” or “not creative people”. There’s just “willing to work” or “lazy”.

*waits for triggered people to yell at her*

It’s true.

This whole “not creative” thing is often whined plaintively by those who think art, literature, and music are the only fields for creativity.

You think we’d have put a spacecraft on the other side of the solar system without creativity? Or understood (vaguely) how gravity works? Or figured out the mechanism for evolution?

Or, more prosaically, do you think we’d have motor cars, motorbikes, the laptop or phone you’re reading this on, or Pot Noodles?

No way.

Creativity isn’t waiting for inspiration to strike. It’s a process that becomes a habit. If you want your business to succeed, you have to embrace creativity — figure out what it is, and how to use it. Then figure out how to turn it into a habit.

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PS If you’re sitting there thinking this is nonsense, go listen to the podcast. In it, Joe and I school everyone on:

  • Why you need to grow some facial hair immediately if you want to be creative (disclaimer: this may not be true)
  • Why creativity isn’t (necessarily) creating something truly brand new (and we give you five examples from history to show you what we mean)
  • How to get away from the idea of “boring” — and why this is essential if you want to create stuff people want to buy
  • Four simple steps to creativity: how to come up with amazing ideas all the damn time — that you can profit from
  • Why waiting for inspiration to strike will leave you old and lonely and poor (and what to do instead)

Off you go.

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