Episode 59: There’s No Such Thing As “Creative People”

Are you not a creative person? Do you despise fancy musicians and artists who just seem to ‘get it’? Good. This episode is for you! I have a four step process on how to come up with some fantastic ideas for your business so that you never run into a dull or uncreative moment…Ever!

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Key Points

  • [0:35] Listen here as Vicky blotches her introduction. Blame Joe.
  • [2:30] Let’s chop away at the misconceptions about creativity.
  • [3:15] There’s no such thing as creative people vs. uncreative people.
  • [7:25] Example time!
  • [8:50] Did Darwin steal all the credit for his theory of evolution..?
  • [12:15] Einstein, he didn’t just have crazy hair.
  • [15:50] Look out for Vicky’s shiny new website. She’ll have a planner for you guys!
  • [16:05] How do people come up with new ideas?
  • [18:55] Step one: Grow a mustache. This. Is. Necessary.
  • [21:10] There is no such thing as boring. There’s always an interesting angle you can tackle it from.
  • [24:15] You can’t force this to come to you. Let your subconscious marinate in the idea for a bit.
  • [24:35] Keep a notebook on hand at all times.
  • [26:55] Did you know the first draft of the Matrix was awful? Same with Star Wars!
  • [29:30] Next week look forward to understanding what the Chelsea Principle is!
  • [29:55] Now that you got these ideas, how do you make something without procrastinating?
  • [30:15] January’s inner-circle class is all about procrastination and how to beat it!

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