Episode 60: SW3: It’s Okay To Piss People Off

The best people to do business with are those who like you and are similar to you. This means that there are people out there who won’t like you, who aren’t similar to you, and it’s completely okay to piss them off! You have to narrow down on your avatar, but this is something business owners are afraid of doing. I discuss why you need to be firm on who you want to attract and work with.  

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Key Points

  • [0:50] Joe is currently in the cheapest hotel in the world.
  • [1:45] Since Joe is away for work, Vicky is failing as an adult.
  • [2:35] So, what are Vicky and Joe talking about today? Business owners who are too beige.
  • [3:50] Not everybody is going to like you.
  • [4:15] Most people don’t want to define their avatar because they’re afraid they’re going to exclude people.
  • [9:25] What does SW3 stand for?
  • [10:25] You want to repel people who aren’t like you.
  • [10:40] Being brave in your business means you are bound to offend someone.
  • [17:15] If you try to please everybody, you will fail.
  • [18:25] Again: It’s perfectly okay if people don’t like you.
  • [20:15] Dare to be yourself.
  • [22:35] Vicky has some crazy listeners who joined her Inner Circle just after binge listening this podcast.  

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