Episode 61: The Procrastination Station

If you struggle with procrastination, then this episode is for you! How can we work towards productivity and leave procrastination in the dust? Reward yourself whenever you complete a task. It has nothing to do with needing stronger will power, but everything to do with how you get compensated for the task. We are all just big toddlers in the end.  

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Key Points

  • [3:30] Let’s talk about procrastination! 
  • [4:40] But before we do that, let’s talk about Victor Hugo (it’s related).
  • [6:40] Getting children to cram knowledge into their brain for a school exam is a waste of their time.
  • [7:20] So, Victor locked all his clothes away so he couldn’t leave the house and began work on his book.
  • [8:15] Why do people procrastinate?!
  • [9:25] Can you believe that even Joe procrastinates?
  • [11:25] Your present self doesn’t think about your long-term future self. Your present self is an idiot.
  • [13:30] We often do not make choices for our future self, we make choices for who we are now. And, the person we are now is a toddler.
  • [15:45] How can we get out of procrastinating? ç[17:00] How does Vicky motivate herself to run?
  • [18:15] Getting started is the hardest thing, but if you promise yourself a reward, it doesn’t have to be.
  • [19:00] Do you know about the marshmallow experiment?
  • [22:35] After experiments like these, you can see where a lot of our social problems stem from.
  • [23:10] You CAN train yourself!
  • [26:30] It’s really difficult to see your own problems, which is why you need a mentor!  

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