Cheerleading in the shower

Just as I think about you in the shower, it seems I’m often the last thing my Superheroes think about before they go to bed. And obviously, I love that. But not as much as I love seeing them get unstuck. 

Feeling overwhelmed, need a cheerleader? Let me “shower” you with my help!

Like Kathryn, who sent this email — totally unprovoked — to her list:

“Thankfully there it was, waiting patiently for me in my inbox, as Outlook sprang to life across my computer screen.

An email from my coach, cheerleader and friend Vicky.

In rapid response to an email I’d sent her 12 hours earlier with a thorny question I had about a new marketing tactic I’ve been employing in my business.

She replied with FIVE actionable and bullet-pointed suggestions.

Then a heads-up about the big mistakes to watch out for.

Then a reference to some ‘examples in action’ to go study.

And some good old fashion encouragement, cheering me on.

Bloody fantastic and EXACTLY what I needed.

Because marketing is something you can’t do all alone in your business.

There are times when it seems bleak and tearing-hair-out frustrating.

As Vicky says “Most of what we do in marketing doesn’t work, we have to keep looking for the stuff that does.”

And life’s too short to learn all the lessons from your own mistakes.

Learning from other people’s experience is a damn fine thing and a calculated thing.

And a profitable thing to do in your business.

You (and I) are never too successful, too insular, or too much of a failure not to need a coach and cheerleader.”

Is true. I did those things. Because I have been where Kathryn is: sick and tired of something not working, but unable to see why — or what to do next. And whenever I went to find out more about what I was doing wrong, all I’d see everywhere was BUY MY AMAZING FUNNEL THAT’LL SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS OVERNIGHT AND PUT MILLIONS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND GIVE YOU BIG BOOBS AND A PERFECT TURNED-UP NOSE!

I have bought those shiny objects and my boobs remain the same size and my nose remains the same size and millions didn’t appear in my bank account.

Funny, that.

Do you know what I did need? Someone who’s been there and done that to take a look at my business and my messy head and give me Things To Do. Specific Things. Because we humans mostly can’t work in abstract. When we’re stressed and stuck and desperate to not fail our brains find it really, really hard to take a general, abstract idea or tactic and apply it to our very specific and painful problem.

So, while my Superheroes get plenty of information and teaching and ideas they can put to work and try in their businesses — what they really get from me is my laser-like brain slicing into their stress and pinpointing their problem.

Then they get actual, actionable stuff to do. No judgement. No willy-waving. No derision.

Just a little hand-holding, a firm kick to the delightfully rounded booty, and actions they can do right now.

It’s exhausting to look around the social media echo-chamber and see people screeching about the latest uber-funnel (and boy have I got something funny to show you about THAT next week), or deciding which bright shiny object will solve all your problems this week, or banging on about how they’ve just made 6 figures on a launch when you’re wondering whether you can afford that vital bottle of wine this weekend.

So there’s none of that in my world. No siree.

There’s thought. Consideration. Actionable ideas. No willy-waving (I don’t have one). And slightly chaotic cheerleading:



Vicky Fraser is a copywriter, author, and entrepreneur. She really did run away with the circus… but when she’s not swinging from a trapeze, she’s showing other copywriters and small business owners how to work with better clients, make more money, and stop missing bathtimes, first words, and dinners with angry partners. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Get your copy here.

PS It’s funny, I never thought of myself as a coach before. But I guess I am, really. I am a cheerleader though. I always wanted to be Eliza Dushku in Bring It On… (don’t tell anyone, eh?)

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