Episode 63: That’s Not How This Works…

I received an email judging my ‘unprofessional’ use of profanity like the word ‘vagina’. Ignoring the logistics of whether or not that word is a ‘bad word’, I discuss why these letters are important! What can we learn about vaginagate?  

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Key Points

  • [2:10] Vicky got an email! This person was upset by Vicky’s profanity :(.
  • [3:45] Vicky said the word ‘vagina’ in her email…and got a complaint!
  • [4:35] There’s a valuable lesson to be learned in all this.
  • [7:40] FYI, Vicky likes money.
  • [9:10] It’s Vicky’s mission to make sure she and Joe are comfortable and living well.
  • [10:45] What lessons can we learn from Vaginagate?
  • [13:50] You can choose who you listen to.
  • [19:00] People get really butt hurt when you don’t give away your expertise for free.
  • [21:55] Vicky’s clients are paying her to help grow their business, not for her to be their friend.
  • [22:40] When you work with Vicky, you’re not going to get what you want, you’re going to get what you need.
  • [24:00] Always strive to learn new things.
  • [26:55] Joe reads a lovely letter by Katherine!
  • [29:35] Vicky does something called ‘Achievement Friday’ with her inner circle students.
  • [31:10] Look forward to next week’s episode as Vicky rants about something else!  

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