Pre-brain-mashing Prosecco and eyeshadow

“You see, I don’t want to look like someone went mental with blue eyeshadow and a blow-torch.”

To be fair to her, she didn’t bat an eye — she may laugh with her colleagues later — but she was completely delightful to me as I sat down in her chair and explained that I’m 37 years old and I’m crap at makeup.

Selfie of Vicky with a glass of prosecco.

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I’m at Manchester Airport with a glass of Prosecco, on my way to Cleveland Ohio to have my brain ripped apart by Dan frickin’ Kennedy, and so far I’ve had a delightful morning.

You see, I recently discovered Benefit makeup isn’t entirely cruelty-free and that pissed me off. I need a new makeup brand. And Urban Decay is not just animal-friendly, it’s also fabulous, dahlink.

So on my way through duty free, I plonked myself down at the UD makeup counter and asked the lovely girl to teach me things.

She did.

She complimented my skin (which nearly brought me to tears, because if you’ve had awful adult acne, you know just how insecure you are about your skin).

She talked me through what would suit me.

She explained how everything worked, and what she thought would bring out my best features (my butt — just kidding).

And she made me feel like my daft questions weren’t daft questions.

In short, she made it very easy to drop 50-odd notes on a pile of gorgeous new makeup.

Cos she didn’t sell me makeup. She sold me a little warm glow that I wore walking through the airport, knowing I look good this morning.

Suddenly seems like 50-odd notes is cheap for what she gave me.

What I experienced this morning, even before I crash-landed in a glass of prosecco and a bucket of tea, was a warm safe space with a little frisson of excitement and delight.

Something I try really hard to provide for my Superheroes.

A warm, safe space where they can try out the marketing equivalent of blue eyeshadow without fear of mocking or recriminations.

Somewhere where there are no stupid questions (although I do have limited tolerance for the same question asked for the tenth time by the same person — not something that tends to happen in my crew).

A little business haven where you can share triumphs and woes, have a bitch and a celebration.

Judgement free, at all times.

With a healthy dose of arse-kicking.

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