Episode 66: Free is for Fools

Joe and I discuss why free is for fools. When you price yourself on the range of ‘free’, your potential clients are also going to treat you like you’re ‘free’. For example, one of my Inner Circle members had the unfortunate event of experiencing a nasty potential client walk all over her. Busy people will pay for your time, because they understand you can never make up more time!  

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Key Points

  • [1:00] This episode is brought to you by…white wine!
  • [1:15] Vicky got interviewed for a radio show!
  • [3:20] So, what are Vicky and Joe talking about this week? Free stuff!
  • [4:30] One of Vicky’s inner circle members has recently started charging people for proposal meetings.
  • [7:35] However, the inner circle member recently got criticism for this.
  • [10:35] So, this poor woman decided to meet with this charity for free and guess what? They showed up one and a half hours late to the meeting and the meeting itself took 2 hours.
  • [13:45] You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time.
  • [15:10] The key takeaway from this podcast is people will treat you the way you allow them to treat you.
  • [17:25] What kind of client is going to pay you a lot of money? People who don’t have time!
  • [20:40] Also, price is elastic! People will pay whatever you ask for something they really want.
  • [24:10] Joe offers a pro life tip. It first begins with getting really drunk, and being in somebody else’s house.
  • [25:55] P.S. Please don’t listen to Joe.  

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