Grumpy bitch + internet herpes = rage

“Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful.”

“Failure: when your best just isn’t good enough.”

“Believe in yourself, because the rest of us think you’re an idiot.”

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These demotivational quotes make me snort with unladylike laughter every time I read them, because they’re about as useful as those wanky memes all over social media.

Yep: today, I’m railing fruitlessly against idiocy.

Specifically, the endless mushrooming of vapid “motivational memes”. They’re like a virus.

They’re like herpes.

And they incite the same kind of rage deep in my brain.

If you pay close attention to people who post syrupy sweet motivational quotes, you’ll notice they’re often the same ones complaining their lives are shit, and doing nothing about it.

There’s some kind of inverse correlation with success and motivational quotes.

“Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen!” But only if it means never getting off your arse and actually doing anything.

“Stars can’t shine without darkness.” Excuse me while I vomit into your shoes.

“I can and I will!” No you won’t, you twat.

You might be thinking I’m just a grumpy bitch who ought to be nicer to people, and you’re half right. I am a grumpy bitch. I’m still jet lagged.

But I am not going to be nicer to people who get their kicks from brainless motivational quotes and share them on social media.

And my reasons are sound:

  • Such quotes are braindead. Utterly devoid of any original thought, knowledge, or creativity. And they attract laziness.
  • There’s no context. If you want to achieve something, learn all about it deeply, then get off your arse and do it.
  • They accomplish the wrong thing. You get the happy little endorphin rush without actually doing anything to deserve it.

Inspiration is bullshit because it fools our brains. We get the same feeling after reading this crap as we would if we’d actually done the work and achieved something, and that’s dangerous.

It pisses me off as much as people who say “follow your passion and success will come.”

Really? Because I’m passionate about cheese and a great gin and tonic, and the only thing that lies down that path is a stint at rehab. And probably Fat Club.

All those motivational quotes on social media? The ones that are correctly attributed were written are the person in question had DONE THE FUCKING WORK.

Mountains don’t get moved by reading crap on the internet.

Mountains get moved when you do the work.

And you don’t have to even move a mountain, you just have to point your face in the right direction and work on your mission.

Which is why I get so cross.

All these people promising you the world, one wanky motivational quote at a time, are sucking the life, energy, and cash out of you.

I’m not saying you should trust me — or anyone else — blindly… but I am saying you should use the motivational memes as a big red warning light and look for someone who’s not promising you a free pot of gold.

I can guarantee you no motivational memes and no free pots of gold.

I can also guarantee I’ll point you in the right direction, show you what’s worked for me, and smack you smartly on the arse as you go about doing the work.

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