Episode 68: Squeeze My Stress Balls

By the time this episode is released, it will be my birthday. Yay! Birthdays! Today, Joe and I discuss the harmful 24/7 entrepreneur hustle mentality which is, frankly, very damaging to one’s well being. There’s nothing in the world that’s worth the pain of stress. If something stresses you out, kill it as quickly as possible!  

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Key Points

  • [0:50] It’s Vicky’s birthday!!!
  • [1:25] The reason for Joe’s sexy porn voice is because he has a cold.
  • [2:45] Let’s talk about stress!
  • [5:05] The first lesson is you’re not an octopus.
  • [5:30] Stress can turn into physical symptoms and nothing is worth the pain of stress.
  • [9:25] Stress is not funny, yet we treat it like it’s ‘no big deal’.
  • [12:35] Having to hustle 24/7 is so damaging. Working yourself to death is not sexy.
  • [16:00] How much time does Vicky spend on her business?
  • [17:50] You’re not a service provider, you’re a trusted advisor.
  • [21:00] Get rid of your needy/ emotional vampire/ soul-sucking clients/ friends/ family/ people.
  • [22:45] You need a strong, lead-generating strategy. If you don’t have this, close your doors and work on it!
  • [25:45] Stop inventing stuff to worry about!
  • [26:10] Vicky does a quick recap.  

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