Ugly-crying for 17-year-old me

There I sat, ugly-crying, tears cutting clean runnels through the thick dust on my cheeks.

“What on earth’s wrong?” Joe asked in alarm.

I waved a piece of paper at him and wailed, “I just found this!”

Cartoon girl crying

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We were clearing the Wonky Room of stuff yesterday in preparation for the builders knocking a hole in the wall today.

As we cleared, we were checking boxes and chucking out stuff we no longer want.

And among that stuff was a letter from Mandie.

Mandie was my mum’s best friend for more years than I’ve been alive and she used to babysit for me and my brother. She’s always been a bit of an idol to me — a take-no-shit, say-what-needs-saying, do-what-needs-doing strong-ass woman.

When me and my first boyfriend split up, she wrote to me. Because I was devastated and my mum was worried and told her friend.

This is the letter I received…

“Dear Vix, I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad just now. I know what it’s like & there’s no two ways, it’s shit. But if it’s any help, you will come through, it just takes a while.

“Just remember that you’ve got the whole world waiting for you. You’re 17, you’re beautiful, you’re funny, and you’re really clever — you can have whatever you want. Believe in yourself, and go and get it.

“My long & painful experience of men has taught me that very few of them have been worth all my tears & and I’d be surprised if you didn’t think that too, later. So take a deep breath, take your courage in both hands & take on the world. YOU CAN DO IT.

“Lots of love, Mandie xxxx”

Go and get it.

I remember when the letter arrived. I ugly-cried then, too.

Then I picked myself up, and promptly spent the next few years making all kinds of interesting choices and life experiments, and NOT doing all the stuff you’re “supposed” to do as a teenager.

It wasn’t until much, much later that advice really sank in. I hadn’t realised just how much of an impact Mandie had made.

Kids do not get told this enough: that the world is there for the taking, we just have to have courage and go and get it.

Most people, when they are told this, don’t do the going and getting. They sit and wait.

And instead life drifts past.

I decided, way back then, and I can remember the moment: I wasn’t going to let my life happen to me.

I was damn well going to happen to it.

How about you?

You’re a business owner, an entrepreneur… so you’ve already taken some control. But I want you to keep that control.

Don’t be a slave to the whims of governments or economics.

Don’t be tossed around like a leaf in a storm — steer your own course. Build a business that’ll withstand all the crap life throws at it, and thrive.

And don’t make it more difficult than it has to be.

All it takes is discipline, tight focus, and some excellent marketing.

Let me and my daily emails help:



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