Episode 69: James Daniel’s Mysterious Package

James Daniel is an award winning copywriter. Although he does a variety of fantastic work, James discusses direct mail copywriting and how you can stand out from the crowd and send eye catching pieces to your potential customers and clients. James believes writing in a conversational style is the best (and proven!) way to get your message across.  

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Key Points

  • [1:50] James has been a copywriter for 12 years. He’s learned some lessons about dealing with clients.
  • [3:15] People don’t like corporate speak, even if they’re working in corporate!
  • [3:55] The conversational approach always works best.
  • [7:45] We’re all human beings. Your writing needs to talk to your audience like human beings.
  • [12:55] On a tight budget? James has some advice for you!
  • [18:00] You have got to be everywhere in your marketing.
  • [19:30] James walks you through the things he has to consider when trying to sell and market hearing aids.
  • [25:15] If you’re not writing this stuff down, go back and do it now!
  • [30:10] What advice does James have for those who are just starting out or on a very small budget?  

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