Business suicide squad destroys sales

Supervillains. Superheroes. Splosions. What’s not to like?

Well, Suicide Squad, that’s what.  

Pile of open books lying on grass.

The cardinal sin of marketing is to create stories nobody gives a shit about. Take time to learn how to sell, sign up to my 49 Ideas.

Didn’t even get to the end of it last night, and it’s rare I leave a film unfinished (easily pleased, me)… and a little pissed off that my hopes were dashed.

See, I love comic book films. I spend a fair amount of time in the Marvel universe. I think Harley Quinn is aces. And this film had the potential to be bloody good.

But what it was instead was baffling, disjointed, nonsensical bollocks.

And that resulted in me not caring about any of the characters, or the outcome, or anything — because I couldn’t really tell what was going on. What the threat was, why I should care, and what the story was really all about.

The cardinal sin of storytelling is to create characters nobody gives a shit about.

The cardinal sin of marketing is to create stories nobody gives a shit about.

Both are infuriatingly common.

If you want to sell — whether that’s selling people on reading your book, watching your film, or buying your stuff — you have to give them something to care about. And to do that, you have to know them really well.

Which is where the totally unsexy background hard graft comes in… and that’s why most people won’t bother. Because it’s seen as “boring”. It’s foundations, not sexy adverts and landing pages and emails.

The only reason I can quickly bash out emails and ads and landing pages that sell is that I put more time and effort into the “invisible” foundations than I do into the visible shiny bits.

It’s well worth it, because putting that time in early makes for much less hard work later.

But try telling anyone that. It’s like trying to get the Joker to consider an argument rationally.

Anyway — you can do what you like, obviously. But if you want to sell more, more often, to more and better clients, you should put that work in early.

I can show you exactly how to do that here:



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