Episode 71: Losing Limbs in the Scarcity Trap

Joe and I discuss why having a scarcity mindset can be so toxic for you and your wellbeing. Have you ever been so poor where money was the only thing you could think about? Well, those thoughts help you get off your butt and take action, but they can have awful consequences if you have this scarcity/survivor mode for too long. In fact, you could find yourself struggling much more to achieve your goals and even getting burned out faster!  

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Key Points

  • [2:05] The world is not filled with terror, misery, and pain. FYI.
  • [2:45] Stop immersing yourself in bad news.
  • [3:50] People have really unrealistic expectations because of romantic comedies and what’s portrayed in movies.
  • [5:45] Vicky asks you, dear listener, an important question!
  • [7:45] Having a single-minded fixation on something like money can really destroy your decision-making skills.
  • [13:05] Scarcity is a good short-term mindset, but when it comes to long-term, it’s horrible for you and your willpower. 
  • [18:40] If you meet someone really needy, perhaps put yourself in their shoes first before judging.
  • [19:10] So, what’s the solution if you’re in a scarcity mindset?
  • [20:30] Draw a large + symbol on a piece of paper. In each of the four squares/quadrants, write down urgent, not urgent, important, and not important categories and assign tasks to them. Realistically, you want to prioritize doing important, but non urgent things.
  • [23:30] Nothing is permanent. ‘‘That’s just the way it is” is not a good excuse for why you can’t change.
  • [27:55] Being more generous can help you get out of the scarcity mindset.
  • [30:45] Do you think in terms of abundance or scarcity?  

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