Episode 72: How To Stake Time Vampires

Joe and I talk about those sucky time vampires and how you can stake them right in the heart and banish them forever! Time vampires will often distract you and take you away from what’s truly important in your life. Don’t let them walk all over you because once you open the door, they just keep on coming back!  

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Key Points

  • [2:15] How does Vicky get stuff done?
  • [4:40] Vicky works out what her hourly rate is.
  • [6:00] Ignore how the ‘gurus’ work out your hourly rate. Let’s talk about your real hourly rate.
  • [10:00] Vicky reads the hourly wage formula out loud!
  • [12:30] When you know how much your time is worth, you are more conscious of how you spend your time.
  • [13:05] How do you destroy time vampires?
  • [14:35] The vampires who ask you, ‘Got a minute?’ will keep coming back to your door.
  • [17:10] People will treat you exactly how you allow them to treat you.
  • [19:55] The next time vampire is the ‘thrival’ vampire.
  • [21:55] Watch out for the drama llamas.
  • [26:15] Just say no! You’re not being rude or petty for setting boundaries.
  • [31:00] Tune in next week as Vicky walks you through Dan Kennedy’s top 10 management techniques!  

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