Episode 73: 10 Ways to Claw Back Time

Joe and I sit down to discuss time management! Dan Kennedy has ten very useful techniques that will help you get things done in a reasonable amount of time. I discuss these ten things and my love for lists (among other things) on this week’s show. If you’re interested in trying to claw back your time, then do not miss this episode!  

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Key Points

  • [2:00] Vicky and Joe found a…foot in their garden. (It wasn’t a human foot).
  • [2:25] Do you believe ‘you don’t have time’?
  • [5:10] Dan Kennedy can boil the whole ‘saving time’ thing down to ten useful techniques.
  • [6:00] Vicky loves lists, but Joe mocks her for it.
  • [8:25] Are you interested in Vicky’s victory planner? Drop her a line and let her know you want it!
  • [14:15] Not on call? Turn your darn phone off!
  • [16:45] Meetings should always, always have a purpose.
  • [19:45] Those rags to riches stories aren’t more special than you. They’re just marketed better.
  • [23:15] Stop reacting to stuff!!!
  • [25:10] Use your ‘wasted time’ smartly.
  • [27:30] Dan Kennedy has what he calls the Tickler File System, but what is it?
  • [29:40] Use or buy those shiny new technology gadgets consciously. Don’t use it mindlessly just because it’s new and everybody else is doing it.
  • [31:45] You might not want to use all ten of these techniques, but hopefully one or two of them will help you regain control of your time and life.  

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