Episode 76: Are You Living By Accident?

Joe and I discuss how we’ve made very deliberate and conscious decisions to live the life they’re currently living. Their current lifestyle was not created by accident, and today’s episode focuses on why it’s important to be aware of the life you’re currently living, and to change it if you’re unhappy with it. Do not live your life by accident!

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Key Points

  • [1:30] Today’s show is going to get a bit mushy.
  • [6:40] Vicky and Joe have created a very fulfilling life, and that’s not by accident.
  • [7:40] Vicky spent so many years reacting to things she couldn’t control.
  • [11:00] Both Vicky and Joe have goals they’re working towards, but so far so good! They’re on the right track.
  • [15:50] Sometimes you will find yourself having to change directions. That’s okay, as long as you make a deliberate decision to do so.
  • [20:35] What’s important to you personally? Why do you do what you do?
  • [23:40] Not everybody is entrepreneurial. It’s okay to drift through life if that’s what you want to do.
  • [24:00] However, if you own a business, by definition, you’re not somebody who drifts through life and reacts to things you can’t control.
  • [27:00] Owning a business is rarely smooth sailing; it’s a journey, and you will get there by putting in consistent effort.
  • [28:15] Vicky is so proud of you, by the way!

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