Episode 77: The Self-Love Podcast with Danielle Sax

I interview Danielle Sax, the author of Shifting Out of Chronic Stress. Every business owner knows the familiar feeling of stress creeping up into their bodies, and Danielle is here to say that it’s not worth letting it get out of control. Through Danielle’s own hardship, she had to find a way to repair her body from the damages that stress caused her. On the show, Danielle shares how you can practice self-love, be more forgiving to yourself, and chill out!

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Key Points

  • [1:15] Who is Danielle and what does she do?
  • [2:45] Danielle was constantly trying to be superwoman, and it was killing her.
  • [5:35] Why do so many people struggle with feeling like a fraud and a failure?
  • [8:00] If we felt like we are good enough, a lot of our stress would go away.
  • [9:45] How can we overcome our fear of ‘not being good enough’?
  • [12:00] Where should people start when they’re looking to reduce their stress?
  • [14:15] It is not a weakness to ask for help.
  • [16:45] You need to be honest with yourself. What kind of problems are you having? Why does it stress you out?
  • [17:05] People underestimate how important, and difficult, focus is.
  • [20:15] Be very conscious of how you talk to yourself. Are you negative? Are you positive?
  • [22:45] Don’t let criticism eat you alive. “This is nice, but..” are very harmful words.
  • [24:30] Isn’t self-love and self-care very selfish? NO!
  • [26:00] You can’t help other people if you are drained, tired, and stressed out. This is why self-care is critical.
  • [26:25] Remember, you and the relationship with yourself are your best investment.

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