Episode 78: Slaying The Pricing Monster

Joe is back on this week’s episode! Joe and I discuss why you should never give discounts or cut prices in order to get the competitive edge. It will only bite you in the butt later on and you’ll be undervaluing yourself and your services. So if you shouldn’t cut prices, what should you do to bring value and be seen as ‘better’ than your competitor? Listen in to find out!  

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Key Points

  • [3:10] Why does Japanese knotweed reduce property value?
  • [6:00] Giving discounts can cause nasty effects on your business.
  • [7:50] We know reducing prices is a bad thing, so what should you do if you and your competitor sell the same thing?
  • [10:30] If you’re selling crap, you should not be in business.
  • [16:15] If you’re cheap, you’re not seen as the expert.
  • [22:05] Vicky shares some examples of how you can make yourself unique.
  • [25:20] Don’t be afraid to tell the full story when selling your products and services. The details matter!

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