Episode 79: How Motivational Doo Doo Is Keeping You Stuck

Joe and I discuss why motivational memes are making you stuck and why you should stop sharing them on social media ASAP! There have been a couple of studies that have looked into what happens to the brain when people share these types of quotes, and results are showing that this is damaging your productivity. As a business owner, these quotes can set you back and do you more harm than good!  

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Key Points

  • [3:10] Are you posting inspirational memes and ‘motivational’ quotes on social media? You need to STOP!
  • [8:25] Why do the ‘gurus’ spew out such psycho babble ‘motivational’ nonsense?
  • [10:25] A study concluded that people who are receptive to motivational quotes and inspiration tend to be less intelligent.
  • [12:35] Vicky doesn’t agree with the study. There are tons of intelligent people who believe in very wacky things.
  • [12:55] All of this motivational stuff holds you back from getting real work done.
  • [16:20] David “Avocado” Wolfe is shit. However, he is an excellent marketer.
  • [21:45] Sending or sharing motivational quotes actually tricks your brain and makes you think you’ve done something useful.
  • [23:15] People who spent their time fantasizing about finding a fulfilling job ended up applying for fewer jobs and were offered fewer jobs.
  • [27:45] At the end of the day, what’s your mission? Go out and do it and stop sharing stupid shit on social media!  

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