Progress not perfection [new podcast]

If I hear one more plastic guru shrieking about 24/7 HUSTLE and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION I will roll my eyes so hard they may just pop out of my head. 

Have a listen to this week’s podcast here…

Because that kind of shit holds us all back.

We start believing that we should achieving massive wins every week, every day.

We think that if we’re not doing giant, hairy actions all the damn time, we’re never going to succeed.

You want the truth of it?

Progress is made in tiny steps. Baby steps, usually.

And those baby steps sometimes lead to big leaps forward.

But putting massive pressure on yourself to make massive progress all the time? And take massive action all the time? That’ll grind you down.

You see, we’re messy, fallible, tired human beings. Not robots.

We can’t sustain giant leaps forward constantly.

Here’s another truth bomb: behind every seemingly massive successful business person, there is years of hard work and tiny steps and incremental progress.

Those overnight sensations are anything but, in almost every case.

Those people who seem to glide to the top of their game? They’ve climbed to the top over the bodies of failed plans and expired ideas.

They didn’t let fear of failure hold them back.

And they certainly weren’t perfectionists.

Which is what this week’s podcast is all about.

Listen to the latest episode here to find out what’s holding you back, and what you can do about it:

(PS — yep, this is my brand new website. It’s not finished yet by a long stretch, but if you find anything that’s broken or doesn’t make sense, please do let me know! It’s under construction now — but in the spirit of not letting perfectionism hold me back, it’s up and live)

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