Episode 80: Progress, Not Perfection

Joe and I discuss perfectionism, and the problems it comes with, in our modern world. I wonder if perfectionism has been around forever or if it’s just a modern-day problem. The reason why I personally believe perfectionism is a modern problem is because of our competitive lifestyles and the increased need to be special or extraordinary. What do you think? Write to me about your thoughts on this!  

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Key Points

  • [0:45] Vicky and Joe have been on a vegetable rage and are now currently binge drinking gin & tonic.
  • [2:25] Let’s talk about perfectionism!
  • [3:25] Has perfectionism always been around or is it just a modern ‘problem’?
  • [5:10] We hear so often from the media that we’re destined to be extraordinary or , be able to achieve greatness.
  • [8:10] “Are you okay, hun?” is one of the most annoying phrases ever.
  • [12:45] You have to always be striving for something. If you already believe you’re extraordinary, you’re damaging your true potential.
  • [15:45] The reality is we need great people, but we also need average people.
  • [18:40] Nothing is ever going to be perfect. You can sit on your project for years with that mindset.
  • [21:55] Want to get rid of your procrastination? Vicky has some advice.
  • [24:25] Perfectionists have a hard time delegating tasks because they ‘know’ other people won’t do it as good as they will. If you’re like this, then you need to change your mindset!
  • [26:00] Conclusion? Stop striving for perfection. Just take a step forward instead and make improvements as you go.   

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