Gooseberry gin gift keeps me grinning

We need to talk about gin.

Specifically, gooseberry gin. 

Glass of gin and tonic on a wooden table outside.

Follow my 49 Ideas and I’ll help you win your clients’ trust and appreciation….they might thank you with gin!

Even more specifically, the bottle of gooseberry gin that arrived beautifully packaged and addressed to me, accompanying a card from Sarah, one of my Superheroes.

I know I’m a bit flippant sometimes, but I actually have all the feelz. Too many of them, a lot of the time.

And now some of my feelz are spilling out of my fingers and onto this email. Not just because I was super touched at receiving such a thoughtful and delicious gift from my client, but because I’m so very proud of her.

See, Sarah sent me a little thank you for helping her out with her talk. It was her first one, in front of a whole crowd of people in her industry — and she wanted to shake things up a bit. Because her industry is like any other: kinda traditional. Set on doing things the way they’ve always been done.

But Sarah wants to do bigger and more exciting things, and she wants to excite others into doing things differently too.

To stand up there in front of a big crowd, and give your first ever speech, and say something nobody else has said in quite that way, that might raise some eyebrows, is pretty damn brave.

And to do it so well she gets this unsolicited feedback: “a brilliant and entertainingly delivered talk” is just amazeballs.

I always feel like shuffling my feet and saying “aw shucks” when people thank me for helping them, because that’s what I’m here for. That’s why I started this group. So my Members can send me anything and ask for my help to improve it, or finish it, or even start it (because that’s the hardest part).

Having people put their trust in me, listen, and then get great results is massive thanks by itself.

But, of course, gooseberry gin is the cherry on top 🙂

If you put your trust in me, I promise I will not abuse it. I will pull out all the stops to help you achieve your goals.

No gin required.

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