Episode 81: Money Talks So LISTEN! with Kevin Whitehouse

I interview Kevin Whitehouse, an author, speaker, and most importantly an accountant. Before you scrunch your nose up and think all accountants are crooked, hopefully this episode will teach you a thing or two as to why you should take charge of your numbers and hire a good accountant to help you keep your financials in check. In Kevin’s 30+ years of doing this, he’s noticed a common theme; 90% of small business owners simply do not want to deal with their finances, and it ends up costing them thousands (if not more) in wasted profit. On the show, Kevin explains how you can literally double your profits, just by taking a look at your numbers.  

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Key Points

  • [1:15] What does Kevin do for his clients?
  • [2:05] Aside from paying your taxes and not going to jail, why is it important to know your numbers?
  • [6:15] Vicky used to hate numbers. Ugh!
  • [6:35] How does Kevin help his clients make a real financial difference?
  • [10:55] Percentages are your best friend!
  • [14:30] When you know your numbers inside and out, you can find ways to literally double your profits.
  • [18:00] Lately, Kevin has been working with owners who are running pay-per-click campaigns. By running simple tests, you can develop your own marketing budget and estimate how much it costs to acquire a sale.
  • [22:00] It might be nerdy, but Kevin swears that budget forecasting is really fun stuff.
  • [24:35] The good news is we live in a time where computers can do a lot of our calculations automatically. Kashflow is an excellent tool business owners can use to help them with their numbers.
  • [27:50] How many small business owners actually really understand their numbers?
  • [28:30] Do not skimp on the accounting side of the business. Hire a good accountant!
  • [32:35] You’re in business to make money, so doesn’t it make sense to take your money seriously?  

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