Angry Marketer shouts at radio

Do you ever shout at the radio?

Wouldn’t catch me doing that. Ahem.

Strategies and principles endure, because they’re based on why people buy, and why they don’t. I’ll show you the way with my 49 Ideas.

But this morning, I was yelling YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! and punching the air as I listened to the BBC Inside Science podcast.

The presenter was interviewing the Angry Chef, who basically spends his life debunking all the bullshit diets the weight loss industry touts to unsuspecting and desperate people. These weight loss asshats make millions from their rubbish.

The Angry Chef said a lot of very sensible stuff, but one thing stuck out at me like disco tits at an accounting convention: “All these people selling their paleo diets and their gluten-free and dairy-free and processed-free stuff, they’re all so sure of themselves.”

His example was paleo: all those touting the paleo diet push it out there like it’s gospel.

This is what people ate 30,000 years ago.

But if you ask an archaeologist, someone who actually studies this stuff… they’ll tell you they don’t really know. And they’ll also tell you that 30,000 years ago people’s diets would have varied wildly depending on where they lived.

Look at the weight loss industry though, and you’ll see a bunch of people talking in absolutes.

If you look at my grubby little industry, you’ll see the same thing. Lots of people telling you this new tactic is the only one to focus on, or that shiny object is the key to your success, or those new funnels are the right way to do things.

I wonder what could possibly be motivating them to make such claims? Could it be they’re selling a product about said tactic or shiny object or funnel?

Here’s the uncircumcised truth: there is no One True Way to market your business. There’s a whole bunch of tactics, some old, some new, and one or any of them may help you make money.

There’s a handful of tried and tested principles and strategies, though, that have worked for years and will continue to do so.

Tactics come and go, and work in many and varied combinations.

Strategies and principles endure, because they’re based on why people buy, and why they don’t.

My value-bomb today: beware of anyone claiming absolute certainty on how to market your business. Beware of anyone claiming if you’re not doing <insert shiny tactic here> you’re screwed.

Instead, look to principles. Look for strategies that have worked for hundreds of years and will continue to work for hundreds more.

You’ll never catch me touting a shiny object or making outrageous claims.

What you’ll get from me is my opinion about the latest tactics. My reviews of stuff I’ve used or my clients have used. And you’ll get my gentle guiding hand in how to apply the principles and strategies that have grown businesses for years, to your business and your circumstances.

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