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Run A Business? Wishing It Was Doing Better?

There’s More To Freedom Than Sitting Around In Your Pants


When you started your business, why did you do it? Was it for that mythical “freedom” you hear entrepreneurs go on about so much?

For me, it was twofold. Firstly, because I’m utterly unemployable. Secondly, because yes, dammit, I did want a slice of that freedom! I wanted to build a future for me, not somebody else.

When I first started up, though, the only freedom I found was the dubious delight of working in my pyjamas. For 14 hours a day.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not quite what I saw my life as a business owner being like. Working more hours than when I had a J.O.B. for less money.

Once the novelty wore off… frankly, it sucked.

We’re not supposed to admit that, are we? But it did. Psst: sometimes running a business sucks donkey balls.

But it doesn’t have to. (At least, not all the time.)

If, like I used to, you’re putting time, effort and lots of money into your marketing activities, but you’re finding the whole thing frustratingly unprofitable, you’re about to get a whole lot happier.

Because it is possible to make more sales, increase your profits, create that freedom you long for – and run rings around your competition.

And I’m going to give you a hand up there with my 49 FREE Ideas for Small Businesses and Freelancers. Best of all: you don’t need to sell your soul, sign up to the latest snake-oil remedy, or sacrifice any kittens to do so

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Everything you’ll discover in my series of helpful ideas is so simple you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. (Hell, I wonder why everyone isn’t doing it.)

You’ll find each idea is not just easy to master, it also costs little or nothing at all to do. Everything I show you will increase your sales or response rates. Or both. If you do the work.

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