49 Simple Ideas To Help You Grow Your Business

Do you have a small business? Is it going as well as you’d like it to?

If you’re putting time, effort and lots of money into your marketing activities, but you’re finding the whole thing frustratingly unprofitable, you’re about to get a whole lot happier.

You can make more sales, increase your profits and put more personal cash in your pocket – and run rings around your competition – with my 49 FREE Ideas for Small Businesses. And you don’t need to sell your soul, sign up to the latest snake-oil remedy, or sacrifice any kittens to do so

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Everything you’ll discover in my series of helpful ideas is so simple you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing it.

You’ll find each idea is not just easy to master, it also costs little or nothing at all to do. But everything I show you will definitely increase your sales or response rates. Or both.

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Here’s what a few of my subscribers have to say:

“Dear Vicky,

“I have been a bit time challenged over the last few days and have not had a chance as yet to read your last few emails. “A combination of your efforts and that of my coach has worked and I have had a significant increase in workload. Dare I say a bit too much actually.

“I just want to thank you for your help. “Some of the work has been short term so I just need to get on track so that I begin to get a regular stream. “Once again thank you very much. I will read the other few emails and implement everything. It is also likely that I will from time to time read the emails again.

“Kind regards,”

~ Johanna Cargill Andrews & Monroe Solicitors

“Morning Vicky, I’ve applied marketing idea no3 and it has made a difference, I emailed about a thousand of our customers from our past, made a much more lengthy email than what I normally do, simply answering thier potential fears generally faced in our particular market.

“Normally our order rate is something between 0.5% – 2.5%. I received orders to date of over 3% which is better than expected.

“32 orders from an email to only a thousand ex customers in my limited experience I find is awesome, I’d normally be satisfied with 5.

“Regards, David”

~ David Jones

And that’s just from one email. Imagine what he could do with a series of contacts!

“The biggest thing that the 49-steps has done for me is to get me thinking about the customer…. the people who send me money, pay my wages and keep my business going. I was bragging about how well we did things, now I try and engage the customer. I have started to describe how we have solved problems for people before and we can do it again for them.

“On top of this I have gathered lots of little tips about story telling, using images, and asking for the customer to make a purchase in my sales material.” ~ Ivan Wilson, Embed (June 19, 2014)

“Vicky completed a website review for us with a video report and a written report. As well as pointing out the obvious, Vicky also made us aware of things we hadn’t even considered. She is extremely approachable and quickly understood what we wanted to achieve. Her thorough examination enabled us to make some quick changes and gave us food for thought in the long term. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky and we expect to return to her.”

~ Josie McCaffrey, Just A Soap

“The 49 ideas emails never fail to make me stop and think, some things I already knew but Vicky covers them so well, others are eye openers. Marketing is one of my worst nightmares but all of this very valuable and do-able advice is delivered in such a breezy, friendly and capturing manner; it doesn’t feel like such a monster now. I have put many of Vicky’s suggestions in place and have no doubt that her 49 ideas emails will have helped me in increasing my client base and sales. “I would recommend this email series to everyone who struggles with their marketing.”

~ Shahilla Barok, Life Coach

“Dear Vicky….I have been reading your 49 ideas series for just 9 days and I simply wanted to let you know how much value I’m getting from your insights and wisdom. Your email is the first thing I open every morning now. They are having a dramatic impact on how I am sculpting my own marketing, especially the example letters you provide – such valuable, easy to follow instruction and you make such a ‘black box’ subject very easy to digest. I honestly can’t wait to see what the rest of your series brings…just when I think ‘Vicky can’t give me any more gems’ …all I have to do is open another email to find out how wrong I am!! Thank you Vicky”

~ Carol Griffiths, Turnaround

“Hi Vicky, I just have to say that I am finding your marketing advice not only entertaining but very helpful. I think I will need to go over it lots of times to absorb it all, but these are skills for a lifetime if success.”

~ Holly Hewitt, singer and entrepreneur