I interview Kevin Whitehouse, an author, speaker, and most importantly an accountant. Before you scrunch your nose up and think all accountants are crooked, hopefully this episode will teach you a thing or two as to why you should take charge of your numbers and hire a good accountant to help you keep your financials [...]

Episode 80: Progress, Not Perfection

Joe and I discuss perfectionism, and the problems it comes with, in our modern world. I wonder if perfectionism has been around forever or if it’s just a modern-day problem. The reason why I personally believe perfectionism is a modern problem is because of our competitive lifestyles and the increased need to be special or [...]

Joe and I discuss why motivational memes are making you stuck and why you should stop sharing them on social media ASAP! There have been a couple of studies that have looked into what happens to the brain when people share these types of quotes, and results are showing that this is damaging your productivity. [...]

Episode 78: Slaying The Pricing Monster

Joe is back on this week’s episode! Joe and I discuss why you should never give discounts or cut prices in order to get the competitive edge. It will only bite you in the butt later on and you’ll be undervaluing yourself and your services. So if you shouldn’t cut prices, what should you do [...]

I interview Danielle Sax, the author of Shifting Out of Chronic Stress. Every business owner knows the familiar feeling of stress creeping up into their bodies, and Danielle is here to say that it’s not worth letting it get out of control. Through Danielle’s own hardship, she had to find a way to repair her [...]

Episode 76: Are You Living By Accident?

Joe and I discuss how we’ve made very deliberate and conscious decisions to live the life they’re currently living. Their current lifestyle was not created by accident, and today’s episode focuses on why it’s important to be aware of the life you’re currently living, and to change it if you’re unhappy with it. Do not [...]

Episode 75: Patience, Grasshopper

Joe and I discuss the importance of being patient. Our current world right now doesn’t reward patience. How often have we gotten grumpy because the internet was slow or gotten irritated over something that wasn’t working? Patience is a critical skill we all need to have because nothing worthwhile in life is easy or free. [...]

Ben Settle is a copywriter and a semi-professional bum. He works about 10-minutes a day writing his daily email and then goofs off for the rest of the day. Ben discusses with me why the world needs more supervillains, not superheros, on this week’s episode. He also shares his thoughts on why your personal mission [...]

Episode 73: 10 Ways to Claw Back Time

Joe and I sit down to discuss time management! Dan Kennedy has ten very useful techniques that will help you get things done in a reasonable amount of time. I discuss these ten things and my love for lists (among other things) on this week’s show. If you’re interested in trying to claw back your [...]

Episode 72: How To Stake Time Vampires

Joe and I talk about those sucky time vampires and how you can stake them right in the heart and banish them forever! Time vampires will often distract you and take you away from what’s truly important in your life. Don’t let them walk all over you because once you open the door, they just [...]

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