When all you ever see is successful people bleating about how they "always knew they'd be successful" and "you just have to think positive" and other such bollocks, it's disheartening. Especially when your latest marketing idea has bombed and you need to get more customers in the door.  So it's deeply refreshing when you hear [...]

Episode 61: The Procrastination Station

If you struggle with procrastination, then this episode is for you! How can we work towards productivity and leave procrastination in the dust? Reward yourself whenever you complete a task. It has nothing to do with needing stronger will power, but everything to do with how you get compensated for the task. We are all [...]

The best people to do business with are those who like you and are similar to you. This means that there are people out there who won’t like you, who aren’t similar to you, and it’s completely okay to piss them off! You have to narrow down on your avatar, but this is something business [...]

Are you not a creative person? Do you despise fancy musicians and artists who just seem to ‘get it’? Good. This episode is for you! I have a four step process on how to come up with some fantastic ideas for your business so that you never run into a dull or uncreative moment...Ever! Subscribe [...]

Episode 58: Email Marketing is Dead!

Joe is back on for another fantastic podcast. Yay, it’s Joe! This week I warn people that whenever an expert is pushing for the newest shiny object, to be very wary of it being your ‘end all, be all’ solution to your problems. These are just tools to be used when you need them. Nothing [...]

There is no Joe for this week’s episode! BUT! I  did invite two fascinating guests onto the show, Lin Armstrong and Lucy Read from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Why? Because charity! In this week’s episode, we learn about how businesses can create a mutually beneficial partnership with their charity of choice and give back [...]

It’s a new year! Woohoo! Joe and I cover the top ten most popular resolutions in this week's episode. One common theme among all of them? They’re too vague! If you want to kick your butt in high gear this year and get your goals in order, you’ll need to be specific. Extremely specific.   [...]

Joe and I discuss five ways, maybe six ways (shh, it’s a secret), on what you can do RIGHT NOW to grow your business. It first begins with mindset and then it snowballs from there. Don’t let your negative and poor thoughts hold you back from achieving a buzzing business.   Subscribe to The Business For [...]

I am joined by Joe for this special Christmas Edition episode. In light of the holidays, I dive deep into why your New Year’s Resolutions suck and are simply not working! Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I offers 7 quick tips on how you can carry on in spite of hardship and make your goals a [...]

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