Joe and I sit down for another engaging episode on the Business for Superheroes podcast. I first go into a little pet peeve I have with people who claim to be copywriters when in fact they're just writers. The key difference between the two is that copywriters have to include an element of psychology and persuasion into [...]

Episode 14: Are You Up Poo Creek?

I ask an important question in today's discussion with Joe. What are you doing currently to generate more clients and customers for your business? How about, who are your dream clients? I recommend writing down the top 100 people/customers/companies you'd like to do business with and then develop a nine step direct mailing campaign. In this episode, [...]

Episode 13: The Loooonnnnnggg Yes

I share a quick recap of last week's episode and how I can still be a victim of a fixed mindset. Joe and I discuss our love for Buster Keaton and why he's so good at building relationships. Buster used to ask his audience for feedback on his performances, but the main message of what Buster [...]

Joe and I sit down to discuss the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. I am currently listening to an audiobook titled Mindset by Carol Dweck and discuss some of the points the author makes in the book. Both Joe and I agree that working with someone with a fixed mindset is not [...]

I talk about an article I read on the subject of Polari and this propels an interesting discussion between me and my husband Joe. I then goes deeper as to why slang matters in your industry, especially if you're a copywriter or a business owner.   On this podcast for small business owners and other creative professionals, I share valuable insights [...]

Oli Luke is a marketing consultant who helps UK marketers and sales teams build highly profitable direct mail campaigns. He discusses with me some of the quick steps you can take to increase sales and traffic. He also reminds the listeners that there isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to marketing, so be sure to test and track each [...]

Along with my husband, Joe, I discuss big corporations dodging taxes and why the universe, in general, doesn't care about you. I believe corporations try to dodge taxes due to them being a rather faceless entity with departments. If only they just put one person in charge of their taxes to have more accountability for their actions. [...]

This week, I invite my husband, Joe, on the show to discuss time and productivity. I would like to remind everyone that we all have the same amount of hours, minutes, and seconds in one day, so we have to make the most out of it. I emphasize the importance of focusing on marketing within your business as a way [...]

On this episode of the Business for Superheroes Podcast, I am joined by my husband Joe to talk about Email Marketing, which is one of my favourite topics. I  believe everybody ought to be using email marketing – Why? Because it’s awesome, and it’s an inexpensive marketing strategy that yields high returns.   On this podcast for small business [...]

Episode 6: The Power of Habit

On this episode of the Business for Superheroes Podcast, I am joined by my husband Joe to talk about the power of habit and the habit loop. I also share advice on how you can change a bad habit and how good habits are important for success.   On this podcast for small business owners and other [...]

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