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  1. Call my event management company on +44 (0)1572 842004
  2. Or book online through my event management company
  3. Quote “Business For Superheroes” and tell them you’re attending the event on November 3 & 4
  4. Give them my name
  5. Reserve your room for the Thursday night using your own credit or debit card (this won’t be charged unless you charge anything to your room during your stay or you stay longer than 1 night)

If you want to stay for longer, you’re welcome to do so – but your workshop ticket only covers the Thursday night room.

You’ll get an email with all this information in it, so check your inbox and keep it safe. If you’ve applied for a VIP Hotspot, pay particular attention to this email because there’s some important stuff you’ll need to do.

Then sit back and relax – I’ll be in touch nearer the time with all the information you’ll need. Plus, I’ll send you a little something to do before the event, to get you in the mood…