Praise For Business For Superheroes

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If you are a business owner and you are serious about taking your business to the next level this is a must read book. I would also recommend getting her daily emails they are fantastic


'Business for Superheroes' is a perfect introduction to giving yourself a plan of action for,
a) getting the clients you want for your business through adept marketing, and
b) building confidence in your own ability to be successful as a business owner.
In a massive (and sometimes quite daunting) tidal wave of possibilities, the advice and strategy on marketing in 'Business for Superheroes' really helped me clarify what I want for my business, and furthermore, how to get it. Give it a whirl: you won't regret it.


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I have read dozens of motivational books over the years but this one is different. It just tells you what works and what doesn't, bits of it made me smile and other bits made me laugh out loud. I never write reviews but this book was worth the effort:)


There is no theory in this book.

It is written by someone who has actually been through the experience of building a business.
Highly recommended to both new business owners and experienced ones alike.

Vicky Fraser gives you excellent advice on laying the foundation for building a successful business
yourself, and avoiding the pain and heartaches that go with learning the hard way.


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Superb book, this book is a very easy read and very funny. The advice is simple, straight forward and easy to follow. There is lots of free information. I really enjoyed reading it.


She covers the marketing essentials small business owners need to avoid wasting thousands of dollars and countless hours on needless struggle in their business. Her wisdom is perfect for those just starting out, and every business owner needs to read the three paragraphs starting at the bottom of page 220 regularly. They are that critical to your business.


A great and instructional book. Telling me directly what I need to do to help my business. No promises of magic, just the sensible advice to DO STUFF and exactly what stuff. Thanks you Vicky.


I've been implementing your advice into this business and we worked out yesterday that the mailshots we've been sending out over the last 5 months have brought us in over £70,000 in sales. And our winter events are completely full, in advance, for the first time ever.

We have no website, no Facebook, no presence online at all - we still don't have a company name ffs. So our only source of advertising is through direct mail. Its taken me literally seconds to process the orders of customers responding to our mailshots, and they probably took 30 mins each to write. And they cost nothing. Not a bad investment for £70,000 return.



P.S. Because we're so ahead, we've started to sell our 2016 season already (normally we start in January), currently we've sold around 33% of the events next year. Great head start. And that's all down to direct mail. I'm actually scared for when we DO get a company name and website, we can barely keep up as it is!


This book made my legs go numb! Everyday I read it whilst nestled on the toilet - the only place where I knew I could turn a couple of pages and not be disturbed. Alas, I couldn't put this book down and, having absorbed a chapter or two of excellent business tips, I'd regularly emerge from the bathroom crawling on my hands and knees.

Vicky has an easy to follow and refreshing style of writing which I love. Deeply honest and jargon-free, Business for Superheroes entertains and educates in equal measure.

Buy a copy today - you won't be disappointed and your business will benefit hugely from your investment of time and money. Just make sure you find a comfy chair before you start reading.


I was looking for a non jargon filled bible for business and i found it!

Quick and easy to read, to the point and there is nothing you cant try out very quickly and easily for yourself.

Ive actually done two sets of adverts and a landing page that have both worked very well from Vicky's advice. It also seems she really is there on the end of an email for her customers so it doesnt just stop with her books.

As someone who needed help for marketing and copy writing i found it here.

If you need a marketing bible get yours now it arrives very quickly.


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An awesome book. Vicky speaks from the heart and this book is packed with actionable business information. I love Vickys mails too they are first class I woul recommend any small business owner (who wants to grow) reads this book


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A book not just for those running their own business but also for those who have company marketing managers.

I started a new job – to run a company outstation. I was told marketing etc was taken care of … well, it became clear it wasn’t working. I've no background in marketing but it was very apparent I had to take action. Vicky’s book and her 49 Ideas gave me the courage to question our company’s marketing strategy and try something different for my outstation.

I’ve only just started implementing and it’s early days but there are signs that it’s working better than the approach taken by our marketing manager!

I would also add it can help if your life in general has hit a rut and needs a jumpstart to get out of it!

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An awesome book . Vicky speaks from the heart and this book is packed with actionable business information. I love Vickys mails too they are first class I woul recommend any small business owner (who wants to grow) reads this book

UK, Nov 20, 2015

I came across this book after subscribing to Vicky's 49 ideas email. I think the review title says it all but if you implement the ideas in this book I don't see how you can fail to get a hundred times the cover price back. Worth every penny!

UK, Jan 22, 2016

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Question-How do you know when a book is a winner?

Answer- when it keeps you awake till 2.30 am.. and then up at 6am the next morning because your brain is buzzing!

I bought this book when it first came out but never got past page fault...I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing with my life... Last week I found my "thing" and picked the book up again. OMG !... as I was reading it..(late into the night) . I could really SEE how everything was going to fall into place, and how the systems Vicky explained would work for MY business Though I have heard some of the concepts before Vicky's unique way of explaining the techniques to grow your business was so clear ,simple and she's funny and made it FUN. It's a tried and tested step by step blueprint for anyone to follow and you know the advice works because it is from personal experience. It isn't just telling you what to do- or not do... there are also exercises (Homework!) that truly helps you to identify your customer and to understand your customers needs .My copy now looks like it has been attacked by a herd of yellow moths (Sticky page markers) as there are so many great tips I need to go back to.

Beginning a business alone can be scary, stressful and lonely; knowing that Vicky empathises really as I am on her e mailing list- I get a daily, friendly, motivational, supportive, kick up the backside! It feels like she is by my side- cheering me on and celebrating my steps to success. Uumming and ahhing about whether to buy the book? Take action JFDI - now ! 🙂

UK, June 13, 2016