Look. It’s time you got real real about your dreams. It’s time to turn them into reality instead of hoping and wishing “one day…”

Vicky Fraser: business owner, trapeze artist, and recovering headless chickenVicky Fraser: business owner, trapeze artist, and recovering headless chicken

But how the good holy fuck do you do that?

With all the hype, the bullshit, and the latest bright shiny object magic pill that’ll solve all your problems… how do you know where to start, and what’ll work?

How do you get clarity on where you are and what you’re doing?

And when you’ve done that, how do you claw back enough time from your already-manic day to actually DO IT?

Good questions.

You ask someone who’s been there before.

Hi, I’m Vicky — and I’m a recovering headless chicken.

Just 5 years ago, I was clinging frantically onto the business owner’s feast-and-famine rollercoaster, struggling to pay the bills, and up to my neck in debt.

I was baffled and bewildered — because this was NOT the life of freedom I thought I’d be living when I started my business. In fact, the only freedom I had was the ability to work in my cow-print pyjamas until 2pm and eat biscuits for breakfast.

Somehow I seemed to be working 18 hours a day… but I still couldn’t pay the bills. As soon as one client contract finished, I’d be scrabbling around in a panic for the next one.

I’d be so desperate, I’d take anything with a pulse and a credit card (and sometimes not even a credit card — just chips).

It was so bloody lonely because nobody else understood. I had nobody to talk to and nowhere to turn for good advice.

But that wasn’t even the worst part.

The most soul-destroying part of my day was feeling like a failure every time I looked in the mirror. There I was, in my cow-print pyjamas, covered in biscuit crumbs, and wondering if I’d just have to get a J.O.B.

Because my husband was out there working his arse off and putting food on the table, while I was playing around at running a business.

He was understanding… but I sure wasn’t kind to myself. I put so much pressure on myself, sometimes it seemed easier to give up.

But instead of getting a J.O.B. I got help instead.

I found someone who had his shit together, and put my trust in him. And what I learned surprised me.

Because here’s a truth most mentors won’t tell you — none of us ever had our shit together before someone showed us how to be effective in our own businesses.

None of us.

We’re not born able to run the perfect business. We have to learn.

Getting Our Shit Together

And I found I wasn’t alone.

Nor are you.

Every time I talk to a business owner — no matter what industry or type of business — I hear echoes of what my story used to be.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

And it sucks.

But one day, everything changed. I didn’t make a shitload of money overnight…

…but I started to turn things around. I found better clients, asked for (and got) higher fees, and reclaimed some free time.

And now? Well, my business generated enough money last year to put the deposit on our dream cottage in the country. This shit works, yo. And you can do it too…

I did it by turning my back on the way most business owners work. I did something different.

I stopped copying what everyone else was doing and running round in circles like a headless chicken.

Then I invested in help.

I stopped groping along in the dark. I stopped worrying I’d get sucked into the labyrinth of leeches looking to profit from my failure.

Instead, I invested in myself and my business and I got myself a damn good mentor.

It's a lonely old business, running a business

So if my story sounds familiar, if you think there must be more to running a business than 18-hour days and constant stress…

Take my hand.

Come with me. I don’t bite, I promise (well, not hard).

Because there is more to running a business than that. Let me show you.

You CAN work fewer hours.

You CAN make more money.

And you CAN fall in love with your business again.

But make no mistake: this requires WORK. I’m not offering any magic pills or claiming I can wave a magic wand and give you what you want, with no effort required.

I'm offering to show you the way

Think of me as your machete, cutting away all the grasping vines and jungle weeds so you can find the path to more money, less stress, and more free time.

With less ick…

…and more fun.

Because, dammit, this is supposed to be fun!

Which is why I created the Small Business Superheroes: a monthly programme dedicated to helping you refocus on growth, on making more filthy cash, and to finding you enough time and energy to enjoy your life and business again. 

Here’s what I’m gonna help you with when you join my merry band of Superheroes:

  • Selling without the ick. Sales is horrible. I hate it. You hate it. It conjures up visions of greasy-haired, shiny-suited, pushy used car salesmen… but it doesn’t have to be like that. I’ll show you how to market your business in such a way that you’ll never have to do the hard-sell again — your ideal customers will be coming to you.
  • The courage to step out of your comfort zone and JFDI. Nothing happens until you make it happen — and I’ll show you where to start and how to take the first step.
  • Referral strategies that’ll get you customers on autopilot. Most people hate asking for referrals — and there’s a good reason for that — it makes them feel uncomfortable. As a Superhero, you’ll get access to referral strategies people love: no more struggling for customers, instead they’ll come flooding through your front door like the Rio Grande through Trump’s wall.
  • The real-deal PR strategies you can use to grow your business RIGHT NOW — with absolutely no up-front budget required. All you’ll need is time, effort, and a decent set of balls (or ovaries).
  • Real, practical copywriting guides that virtually write your email campaigns for you — in less time than you’d ever think possible. Stuck for subject lines? No worries: I’ll show you a trick that’ll get you bursting with subject lines people can’t wait to open.
  • Your Fantasy League direct mail strategy: a tried-and-tested (AND FUN) follow-up strategy that netted my client more than £500,000 in new business in just a month. I’ll share with you exactly how we did it, and exactly how you can take it, change it, and plug it into your business.
  • How to break free of all the sheep in your niche and become the Black Sheep of your industry: you’ll build a loyal tribe of followers who are practically begging you to take their money.
  • The “sorry-not-sorry” way to set yourself up as the Ringmaster in your niche — and become the go-to expert everyone wants to be near.
  • The “freakshow” guide to getting over the blank page: never run out of things to write about again, despite your pressing desire to do something else.
  • The ultimate how-to guide to putting your prices up way beyond your comfort zone (and getting people to part with their cash with a smile on their face). The number one premium pricing and premier positioning dude taught me everything I know about this — and now I’m one of the highest-paid copywriters around (according to the latest PCN Survey). I’m sharing everything I know with my Superheroes, and I’ll share it with you when you join.
  • A practical how-to bullet point swipe file to keep on your desk. Never run out of sales messages again with this comprehensive, tried-and-tested list. Simply insert your own products, services, and sales messages and you’re ready to start selling.
  • The tear-jerker method that’ll get people falling over themselves to buy from you (without resorting to the kind of icky manipulation you see all over the place).
  • My amazing headless-chicken recovery guide: kick your doubts and overwhelm in the balls and start getting more done than you ever thought possible — and have more free time to sit in the garden and drink gin and tonics.
  • How one of my Superheroes TREBLED her income in just 3 months of Membership — and how you take what she did and adapt it for your business. (And no, your business isn’t “different” — this strategy will work for you no matter what niche you’re in.)
  • How to be more fucking interesting. I’ll show you how to stand out in a sea of beige, bland, boring businesses that all look the same… and I’ll help you grow a big enough pair of balls to stick your head above the parapet, ignore the haters, and laugh your way to the bank.
  • The “horrorshow” method to getting to know your market: the very first thing you need to do before you ever try to sell anything. 99.9% of your competitors will not do this — and it’s costing them a small fortune.
  • My practical, ever-evolving guide to writing headlines that suck people in. A simple guide to writing headlines that covers all angles: emotion, benefits, pain, curiosity, news… and a mix of everything. In short, I’ll teach you how to write headlines that get read.
  • Monthly challenges that’ll get you USING what you learn. Because just reading this stuff isn’t enough. I want you doing it — so every month I set you a challenge. The winner gets a half-hour consultation with me… but everyone gets a valuable piece of marketing they can use to make money immediately.
  • A forum to bounce ideas around: sick of well-meaning but useless advice from people who don’t understand you and have never run a business? Me too — which is why there’s a Superheroes forum for us all to share advice, support, rants, and the odd curry.
  • No fluff, bullshit, or “10X crushing it”. There’s no “6-figure blueprints” or “awesome formulas” or ridiculous internet marketing egos here. Just proven strategies for effective, measurable marketing and how-to guides to grow your business. Stuff I use. Stuff my clients use. Stuff my Superheroes use.
Join Now!

All this makes for a very loyal band of Superheroes. More than 90% of my Superheroes stay with me for more than a year. That’s almost unheard of in my industry.

Here’s why…

“Since joining in January I’ve trebled my income”

 “When January came around, I decided that I had to take the plunge, and actually start properly marketing my business, so that’s when I joined the Inner Circle — as I felt I needed a good kick up the arse!

Joining the Inner Circle has done just that, it gave me a massive kick up the arse! The thing is, you kind of know the stuff that you need to do, and you vaguely know how to do it. But since joining in January, it’s like my business has been given a shot of adrenaline, here’s a few things I’ve done;

  • Appeared in a large local newspaper – double page spread
  • Applied for and received funding to get my website redesigned
  • Got my website redesigned
  • Got professional photos done for marketing & website (can’t tell you how much difference this one thing has made!)
  • Given a talk at local secondary school business students
  • Trebled my income
  • Have customers on waiting list (previously I had 1 x 1-2-1 client, now I have 15)
  • Been interviewed for a local women’s entrepreneur website blog
  • Ran a 7-Day Health Challenge for my clients, with amazing results and feedback – which I’m going to use as a major marketing source (already got a waiting list of paying customers)

What I’m really learning about and trying to absolutely nail is – my avatar and becoming much more strategic about how I spend my time and what I focus my energy on. Being a small business owner there’s always so much ‘stuff’ to do, working with Vicky I’ve now got my goals and planning sorted (well it’s kind of fluid – but that’s fine), and I’m starting to learn about how to add value and set myself apart from the competition whilst also becoming an expert in my field.

Anyone who’s undecided whether to do it or not (JFDI – my new favourite phrase) – the information and support you receive is invaluable – but like everything in life, it doesn’t work unless you do.”

Jill Robinson, Organic Pilates

“Your action plans are bloody awesome! I used one the other week on a big project for an existing client and got the project. Today I sent one to someone I connected with on Xing after an unexpected enquiry and she's only gone and accepted. A new direct client at my highest rate yet so thank you. 😊Have a great afternoon, Sarah x”

Sarah Silva, The Chemical Translator

“It all feels very real, and hands on.”

“I run Well Connected Canine, based in York, UK along with my amazing business partner Clare. We help people to have better relationships with their dogs through classes, private lessons, workshops and more.
We’re working on our canicross classes right now (trail running with your dog) and I’m equal parts excited and terrified about my upcoming 55 mile ultra run complete with dedicated collie companion Freya.
A mutual friend mentioned Vicky’s podcast last year, and I binge listened on the long drive north to Scotland for my summer holiday (I’m an escaped Scot), and kept listening on the way back down too.
Having caught up and been thoroughly indoctrinated, I bought Vicky’s book. I had a list of 32 memos to action from listening to the podcast – and I can report that I’ve implemented about half with good results (selling more to existing clients, tightening up processes, starting a weekly email, recording a podcast and testing out direct mail ideas).
I was already a member of another business group which I’d definitely learned from but felt it was too big without enough hands on help to renew for another year. I was wary about jumping straight into another group especially if there might not be the chance to really work through specific problems and questions. I emailed Vicky with a test question – not asking for free advice but checking if it was the kind of thing I could ask in the IC. Her answer was refreshingly honest, and I signed up!
It all feels very real, and hands on. Not that I’ve experienced much of the marketing bullshit Vicky talks about, but I’m interested in actually getting stuff done and it’s surprisingly hard to find people who want to DO rather than talk or whine!
I’m still an avid podcast listener, use driving time to catch up on the teleclasses and try to reply to the Achievement Friday posts. So much still to do, but I know I’m in good company!”

Morag Heirs, Well Connected Canine

“Vicky's no bullshit style and constant hammering away at what you must do to be successful are what made my decision to join the inner circle an easy one”

“My hobby is amateur astronomy. When Halley’s Comet returned to the earth’s orbit (1986) as it does every 76 years, I decided it would be a good time to launch a Retail business specializing in selling gear to the developing hobby market, here in Toronto, Canada.

Remember, this was in the days way before the internet, so the only marketing that could be done then was display ads in specialty magazines, and direct mail. I used both to build my business. Email marketing did not exist back then. Today we sell via the retail store and via E-commerce which is a growing part of the firm.

A few years ago, I met Vicky at an event given by one of her mentors, Jon McCulloch in Cork, Ireland.

I then joined her mailing list, read her book and I’ve been reading her emails on a regular basis ever since and of course listening to her hilarious but educational podcast with Joe on a loop since it began.

I also had the pleasure attending Vicky’s first event: “How to be more fucking Interesting” last year where I was able to dig down further into another niche business I was planning on starting. And had the pleasure of meeting some other cool members of the inner circle.

I hesitated to join Vicky’s inner circle, because I felt the lessons she was teaching were fundamental lessons in business, and geared more towards those who may be starting out in their business journey. So I felt I might not get any real value out of it.

As it turns out it is the fundamentals which are the most important in any business and believe it or not, many business people over time actually forget those and make the mistake of doing really stupid things in their business which might actually cause them to end up going out of business. One of those things is heavy discounting, which in my business where goods are a commodity can cause real havoc.

Vicky's no bullshit style and constant hammering away at what you must do to be successful are what made my decision to join the inner circle an easy one. Great value is offered if you're willing to listen to what she suggests you do. Or as Vicky likes to say: JFDI.”

Ray Khan, Khanscope

“I’m paying for and getting great advice and I’d be a fool to squander that”

“Knowing I already have plenty of ideas of my own, I dithered a while reading Vicky’s emails, before signing on the dotted line. My business is tiny, and I didn’t really want extra expenses. This is not a comment on the value, more on my expenditure! But, I’d been thinking a lot about direct mail, because I love parcelling things up and posting them, so that was the point I decided to join up, and I think my business is improving.
What I’ve done so far... Started and continued to send regular emails, Monday to Friday, and weekends when I feel like it. Actually, I rather enjoy this opportunity to witter on, and, bizarrely, my clients seem to love reading them. I still need to make them a little more salesy, though...
Amazingly, I’ve done my first newsletter. The old fashioned way, with glue and scissors, because I didn’t know how to format properly in Word. (Now I really need to learn to use Publisher. I’m hoping Vicky might do a course, actually.) I also approached some other Dr Hauschka facialists, asking if they'd be interested in using my newsletter. Beautician marketing is fairly dire on the whole, so what I do can only be an improvement. I’ve yet to finish writing my book because I turned it into a course, and now it seems reluctant to turn back. I’ve been really enjoying learning more about sales. What I sell (Dr Hauschka) is super ethical and environmentally friendly, but unfortunately also available on the internet, sometimes cheaper. So I need to concentrate more on the treatments I do, promoting those, and putting together packages. Oh, and finding clients who aren’t price buyers! Borrowing Vicky’s brain, and consequently joining the inner circle was a move that I hoped would encourage me to focus. If nothing else, than for the fact I’m paying for and getting great advice and I’d be a fool to squander that. So my focus this year is FOCUS!"

Jane Mann, The Organic Beautician

“A constant drip feed of effective marketing advice and a support network to bounce ideas off"

“I’m Dom Hodgson and I run a training and adventure business in Sunderland, for dogs. Yep dogs! 5 years ago I quit my job as a sales rep with a FTSE 100 company to run my own dog business. I probably knew less about dogs than I did about business when I started but I’ve come a long way since then.

I had dabbled in online training but didn’t have a clear direction or know how to get there. That’s changed since I joined the Business for Superheroes Inner Circle. I had read and enjoyed Vicky’s emails for a few months and bought Vicky’s book.
But if I’m honest I was reluctant to spend more money on coaching at first. But the marketing insights I gained from Vicky during her Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days course, which I invested in first, convinced me that the Inner Circle would be worth it. And it definitely has been worth it. I have my first book out this week and will be launching my own dog training inner circle next month.
Running a business is really hard work sometimes but having access to Vicky’s critique service, the members discussion group, AND the monthly newsletter mean I get a constant drip feed of effective marketing advice and a support network to bounce ideas off as I look to grow my business even more. Thanks for all your help Vicky!”

Dom Hodgson, Pack Leader Dog Adventures

Ready to get more done and make more money?

You’ve heard from me. You’ve heard from my Superheroes. I could go on even more, but here’s the deal: the Superheroes isn’t just another online marketing group. It’s a full-on business growth programme delivered physically, online, and sometimes live. The information I give you is designed to get you building and using new skills and techniques fast — and it applies to pretty much any kind of business. (At least, I’ve never found a business this stuff doesn’t work in.)

My promise to you

To help you achieve all that amazing stuff I’ve just mentioned, I will lavish these things on you each month:

  • A 12- page printed newsletter stuffed with marketing lessons developed specifically for the entrepreneur who constantly battles daily time vampires, who struggle to stay ahead of a self-imposed to-do list of shit, who needs to escape the Poundland "quantity over quality" mentality and who desperately needs to rid themselves of the "yes-but..." people.
  • A monthly Challenge designed to get you actually using the incredibly profitable wisdom you're soaking up, so you can start seeing positive results and profits from your efforts right away.
  • A live one-hour call with me every month - we'll dive deep into a single topic on marketing, copywriting, or running a business - or you'll get an interview with one of my expert contacts who'll share their knowledge exclusively with you - with an oppurtunity to ask me any questions you like at the end of the call. These calls are worth £250 each - and you get them included in your membership. Plus, you get access to recordings online for as long as you're a Member.
  • Personalised video critiques of your marketing gubbins: send me anything, from sales letters to emails to websites to adverts, and I'll go through it in minute detail. I'll show you how to make more of what's working, and how to cut the stuff that's not. I'll even offer strategy direction and help you formulate a simple Action Plan to get results. These critiques are worth £495 each - and you get as many as you like for as long as you're a Member.
  • Access to a mini mastermind of likeminded ambitious, talented business owners who'll generously share their experience, wisdom, and knowledge with you. This isn't just about giving you tools and techniques. It's about building a community of business owners who want to do better. We share wins, losses, tales of mirth and woe, and generally have each other's backs.
  • Achievement Friday every week: I'll share my wins and goals with you, and you share yours with the rest of us. If you write it down publicly you'll be more likely to follow through... and of course, you'll get support, encouragement and extra nuggets of advice.
  • Inside the Big Top: exclusive Members-Only access to the Superheroes Vault, filled with treasure designed specifically to help you write better copy, put together more effective campaigns, and be more productive. You get access to all the call recordings (plus transcripts), all video critiques I've ever done (there are 100s of them) and a whole boatload of extra bonus material including my email marketing mini-course (altogether worth more than £300)
  • Members-only special offers: I look after my Superheroes, and they're the only ones who ever get special rates on my stuff. All Members in good standing automatically receive a whopping 25% discount on my products, courses, and events - saving you £100s (and giving you access to stuff that's not just profitable, it's bloody good fun too).

To reluctantly quote a recent UK political slogan, we really are better together. Fuck the sniping and ring fencing and back-biting and boasting and grandstanding. Instead, let’s stand together and rock the small business world.

Join the Superheroes today

I want you to be able to get started immediately.

So right away, as soon as you join, you get instant access to:

- More than 100 teleclasses on a whole bunch of business and marketing topics (valued at £250 each)
- More than 100 video critiques of other people’s actual work — so you can see where they can improve and what I suggest to get better results (valued at £495 each)
- Bonus downloads and swipe files to get you writing better marketing materials immediately.
- Instant access to the Superheroes discussion group, where you can introduce yourself and ask us anything.

Then you’ll get the next issue of the Chronicle, the 12-page printed newsletter, when it comes out. Plus, you get an extra special Superheroes Kit (but more about that in a moment).

Your Membership fee is £97 a month (plus VAT if you’re in the UK) — I pay for postage.

Join Now!

There are no refunds

What I do and teach works — but you have to make it work. And you have to take advantage of all the opportunities you have to ask me for help.

You’re not tied into any minimum Membership contract or anything like that… but you’ll get the most out of this group if you stick around. This isn’t for group hoppers or serial refunders. It’s for business owners and entrepreneurs serious about growing their business and willing to do whatever it takes.

Here’s how to join:

1. Click on the join button below
2. Follow the simple instructions
3. Check your email for your new login details (remember to check your junk folder if it doesn’t arrive in a few moments)
4. Log in and explore the Members Area so you can get started while you…
5. Wait for your Superheroes Kit and first newsletter to arrive

Click the link below to join us today. Don’t wait. In a year, what will you be doing? Looking back on all you’ve achieved over the past 12 months, and being proud of how far you’ve come?

Or looking back and wishing you’d got started a year ago? Don’t wait another moment to give your business the adrenaline shot it deserves. I know you can achieve the dreams you want to achieve. But you have to take that first step.


Vicky Fraser
The Small Business Superhero

P.S. I know how hard it can be to take that first step and get stuck in — even when you have access to all the goodies I’m giving you online.

So a couple of days after you join, I’ll send you your Instant Superhero Kit by carrier pigeon (or Royal Mail, depending on what’s available).

It’ll be mysteriously (and beautifully) wrapped in brown paper, and it contains everything you need to get started on your journey to Small Business Superhero.

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