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Hey Superhero!

006-2015-VFSuperhero-full-length-RGB-web-(no-back)Do you ever think there must be more to running a business than 14-hour days and stressing about money?

There is. Let me show you.

Take my hand. Come with me. We’re going to discover how you can work a little less and achieve a little more – because it’s all about finding out what works and doing more of that. I want to show you how I’ve grown my business — and grown my self.

But make no mistake: this requires hard work. I’m not offering any magic bullets or claiming that I can wave a magic wand and give you the business and life you want, without you putting in the graft.

All I’m offering is to show you the way and a helping hand.

If you were my private client and we were figuring out what to do to grow your business, what I share in the Business For Superheroes Inner Circle is the kind of advice you’d get.

So come with me and get exclusive access to my private world, where I’m sharing my top-secret advice, writing tips, how-tos and tutorials, and video critiques just for you to help you market your business better.

With less ick.

And with more fun. (Because, dammit, this is supposed to be fun!)

Kicking Your Doubts In The Balls

This isn’t about motivation and inspiration — although that’s certainly part of it. This is about taking your hand and kicking the doubts in the balls and getting on with it.

You’ll see exactly what I’ve done to grow my business from a few hundred quid a month to £12,000+ a month. No, I’m not in the big leagues (yet), but the point is this: I’m living the life I want and that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

I’m sharing with you the exact strategies I’ve followed to get where I am — and I’m sharing what I’m doing now to get to where I want to be.

No fluff. No bullshit. No loud-mouthed shouting from internet marketers about how they’re “crushing it”. No promises to “10x your business”. No unnecessarily wanky “hustle”.

Just simple, clear, honest advice and the odd kick up the arse when you need it.

Real Strategies

The real stuff I’ve done to grow my business. The stuff I’m trying. The stuff that’s failed (and why). Including: writing books, emails, product launches, pricing and positioning, productivity, and a ton more.

Real Practical Lessons

Simple how-to guides for everything from writing daily emails; structuring your sales copy so it’s more likely to sell; getting started with pay-per-click; direct mail for fun and profits; and a ton more.

Real Conversation

Talk to me — I’m actually there — in the discussion group. Ask me anything and I will answer you honestly: how I went from struggling along with only enough cash for beans on toast, to living the dream in our country cottage. How does it all work? What did I do?

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Why am I doing this? Well, it’s a lonely old business, running a business. Your partner doesn’t get it. Your friends don’t get it. Your family doesn’t get it. Not really.

There’s nobody to talk to, nobody who’ll understand the dry-mouthed fear when you wake up at 3am wondering where the next cash is coming from.

There’s nobody to bounce ideas off — and nobody to take an unbiased look at what you’re doing, to see whether it’s got legs (or just stumps).

There’s no accountability. The buck stops with you. So how do you get stuff done without getting bogged down in the detail?

By throwing open the door, holding your head high, and walking proudly into the Small Business Superheroes Inner Circle. For you are a small business superhero. Even if you don’t have a cape (I’ll provide that for you).

So let me extend an invitation to you…

An Invitation From Vicky

Hi there Superhero.

Before I extend my hand of friendship to you, I want to say a couple of things. Things that too many people hide from.

First: selling is horrible. It does not come naturally to most people. But we’re constantly told — “It’s easy!” “Get used to it!” “Get over it — you have to hustle!”

Well, I call bullshit. It’s not easy, and you don’t have to hustle. In fact, you don’t have to do anything you really don’t want to do.

But you do have to step out of your comfort zone because I can promise you two things: if you don’t do any selling, you will never sell your products and services; and, second, it gets easier. I want to show you a way to sell that doesn’t feel icky and pushy and like you’re one of those loudmouths bragging about how they’re hustling and “crushing it”.

Second: I’m scared of this running a business lark. Often. And that’s okay. We all are, because in the end, we’re all making it up as we go along. We’re groping along in the dark hoping that we don’t fall into a hole or get eaten by morlocks, and all the time we’re trying to be the best we can possibly be while wondering how we can possibly do all this stuff and have fabulous hair and run away with the circus.

(Or possibly that’s just me.)

Thing is, I’m constantly asking myself the same questions you are:

“Am I good enough?”

“How much should I charge?”

“What if they hate me?”

“What if I fall over onto my face and my skirt flies up above my head and everyone sees my knickers?”

“What if they see through me?”

“What if I fail?”

Third: you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to do it.

Turns out, I’ve discovered, that we all go through the same shit. The same imposter syndrome. The same doubts. The same fears. The same uncertainty. The same overwhelm. The same feeling that nothing is ever quite enough. The same crippling self-doubt. The same lack of self-confidence.

So, let me take you by the hand. Let me reassure you that everything’s going to be okay, and that you can do this.

And let me extend to you an invitation to join me and my fellow Superheroes on a journey to the life and business you truly want.

Sadly — and it really does give me a little sad feeling — I can’t mentor everybody individually. I cannae break the laws of physics, cap’n. But I can share what I know with you via the medium of words on paper, sounds on mp3s, and moving pictures on this here computer.

I can share with you the mistakes I’ve made over the past five years (they have been many and varied and occasionally amusing) so you can either avoid them yourself, or laugh along with me.

And I can share with you the scary but awesome stuff I’m doing now to grow my life.

Not to come over all “Call Me Dave”, but when you join this group, we’re in it together. All of us. I don't keep secrets from you: if I’ve tried something and fucked it up, I’ll tell you. If I’ve tried something and it’s worked like gangbusters, you can be damn sure I’ll tell you — because this isn’t a competition.

There’s enough business, and money, and world out there for all of us and we’ll do much better making it together than apart.

We grow by extending a hand to others, not by jealously guarding our secrets, afraid that others will steal them from us.join-now-button-green

Join us in the Inner Circle.

So here it is:

My Promise To You*

I will lavish these things on you each month:

  1. A printed newsletter filled with knowledge and experience direct from my brains. Each month, I’ll cover a different topic in minute detail, and give you everything you need to get started and give it a try. Or it’ll help you to decide not to touch that particular tactic with a bargepole (I’m looking at you, SnapChat).
  2. A one-hour (ish) conference call in which I babble about something in depth — then take live questions from whomever happens to be on the call. It’s just like getting together in the pub, but less noisy and without the sticky tables.
  3. Personalised video critiques. These are gold, my friend. Here’s the deal: you get to send me anything — sales letters, web pages, emails, marketing plans, anything — and I will rip it to shreds then put it back together again. Or just give you a lollipop if it’s practically perfect in every way.
  4. An email discussion group, where you can chat with your fellow Superheroes, ask questions, share tales of mirth and woe, and generally have each others’ backs. And, of course, I will be there too, joining in when I can add value.
  5. An exclusive Members’ Area, where all the video critiques, teleclasses, webinars, and bonus material I share with you hide out. You get log-in details and access forever, until the eventual heat-death of the universe you cancel your Membership (which you can do at any time, by the way).

We also get together from time to time to have a curry and a natter. Those meetings are always fabulous and I always go away feeling all of the feels at how fucking brilliant my Superheroes are.

I also promise you…

The advice will not disappoint. You may not always hear what you want to hear, but you will hear what you need.

I will always be kind — and so will my Inner Circle Members.

I will kick your arse when required, and hold your hand when you need it — because sometimes it all goes a bit Pete Tong.

Oh, and you’ll always get a 25% discount on my training courses, workshops, and products. Just a little bonus for my Superheroes.join-now-button-green

Can’t wait to see you in the Inner Circle.

To reluctantly quote a recent UK political slogan, we really are better together. Fuck the sniping and ring fencing and back-biting and boasting and grandstanding. Instead, let’s stand together and rock the small business world.

With capes.



PS If you sign up now, your subscription fee will never go up: this offer is locked in at £97 a month (+VAT if you’re in the UK).
join-now-button-greenNot sure?Chronicle Preview

Download a free copy of the Small Business Superheroes Chronicle here and try it out for yourself.

* Things you won’t get in the Inner Circle: excuses, guarantees, free food, legal advice of any kind, chickens.


“All I can say is THANK YOU VICKY!!  Keep up the good work - this group is worth so much more than the money I pay each month…”

~ Tania Angelis, small business coach, UK

"Joining her Inner Circle was a total no-brainer"

“Vicky's 49 Ideas were smack on-the-money and gave me more help than I ever expected. I loved their ‘drip feed’ into my inbox, because it gave me time to process and learn without overwhelm. They explained things clearly and made understanding easy. Joining her Inner Circle was a total no-brainer for me (and I live on the other side of the world) and it’s 100% helping me achieve what I want with my business. Vicky is REAL, and by that I mean she understands copywriting, marketing and growing a business. I've never met anyone so generous with her knowledge and so transparent with her own learnings (and I've had 3 other mentors). If you want your business to grow — you need Vicky in your corner! I trust her advice and hang off her every word. She’s one of the very best investments I've made in business. My only regret is that I didn’t find her earlier!”

~ Kathryn Reid, marketing specialist, New Zealand

"I love her desire to be the best copywriter and direct response marketer she can be"

“Vicky caught my attention in an online inner circle we were a part of. It was her energy and enthusiasm and the fact that she was a copywriter. I also knew I wasn’t far off needing someone to work with on my own copy.  As I’ve got to know her I love her curiosity about life and all things science but above all her desire to be the best copywriter and direct response marketer she can be. She also delivers! If you’re not receiving her 49 Ideas you need to and from there it’s a no brainer to join her Inner Circle where she delivers even more value!

"You’ll love being part of her world and if she works for you directly she’ll get results.”

~ Stuart Warwick, small business growth specialist, UK

"Refreshing and inspiring"

“Vicky is a talented and experienced copywriter and her endless supply of ideas, along with her positivity and humour, has been both refreshing and inspiring. Her advice and support as I set up my new business has been invaluable and I look forward to learning much more as I grow during my first year and apply that learning to my business, to make it the success I know it can be. I want to surround myself with people I like, respect and trust, as well as having confidence in their competence. Vicky is one of those people.”

~ Lin Armstrong, marketing consultant, UK

"The big question that needs answering is 'has it helped'..."

“Vicky's writing is personal and instructional and comes complete with a big dollop of just-get-on-and-do-it. It really struck a chord with me. It made me realise that there is a lot more I could be doing to help my business. Before I phoned people up, I talked to them, I sent emails... but with no real plan and structure. The Chronicles Vicky sends are full of great advice about getting your marketing organised. She details what to do first (a list) then Vicky walks you through all the way through to post sale actions.

This has had a big effect on how I communicate with my current customers and new prospects. My proposals are much better. My emails are far longer. I tell people in detail what I can do for them. I go back through the stuff Vicky has sent me and  there is advice on all aspects of communication, selling, marketing and pricing.

The big question that needs answering is 'has it helped'... well, so far this year (one quarter in) we are 27% up on last year. We are predicting to be 88% up on last year. Some of this is an up turn in the industry, some of it has to be Vicky. Thank you, Vicky — I have renewed energy and direction thanks to you.”

~ Ivan Wilson, Embed UK

Then, a year later, Ivan sent me this…

"Cheers for everything"

“I remember talking with you at the curry about targets and sales. I dug it out to see what I said then. £1.2 million I said. Well i just did the numbers on last year in a little more detail and the turnover was £1.56 million for 2015-16.

Next year's target shall be £2 million.

Cheers for everything”

"I didn't join the Inner Circle straight away..."

“My business had been up and running for about a year before I signed up for Vicky’s 49 Ideas. I thought I had the basics sorted, but things weren’t picking up quite as hoped. Vicky’s 49 Ideas took me through the marketing process, step-by-step, showing me exactly where my business was lacking. Her no-nonsense, straight-talking approach immediately set her apart; it felt as though I was being given advice from a trusted friend, rather than someone I barely knew. I think that was what sold her Inner Circle to me the most, because I needed someone I could speak to plainly about my progress and my goals. I didn’t join the Inner Circle straight away, but as the time passed I realised I needed a mentor who was willing to give time and commitment to helping me reach my objectives, and receiving Vicky’s emails every day made her an obvious choice. I’m so glad I did.

The Small Business Superheroes doesn’t just provide helpful lessons and information, but also guidance and reassurance from someone who’s been there. The printed materials and classes take you through some well-thought out and useful business principles, but what sets it apart most for me is the access to daily contact and advice. The members' forum is very active, and even just reading thoughts and ideas from other members is exceptionally helpful. I genuinely feel that I can ask anything, and I know I’ll get some very sound advice not only from Vicky, but also from other small business owners from many different industries. It’s a very well-rounded resource.

I’d encourage any small business owner to sign up. It’s brilliant value for money, and a highly justifiable business expense. Despite its obvious benefits, running a business can be a hard and sometimes isolated path. Vicky’s Inner Circle connects you to a warm network of people who are in exactly the same position, and that kind of connection and mentorship is invaluable when you work for yourself. You won’t regret it.”

~ Sally May, copywriter, UK

"My main concern was whether the monthly subscription fee would be worth it"

“I’d been mulling over joining for a while before I jumped in and did it. My main concern about joining Vicky’s Inner Circle was whether the monthly subscription fee would be worth it. At the time, money was bloody tight, and it seemed a big chunk to be spending every month, when I could be investing that into other areas of my business that were perhaps more measurable.

But, quite frankly, I got way more than I bargained for with Small Business Superheroes.
As well as Vicky’s excellent advice in the Chronicle, focussing each month on specific areas of growing and marketing your business, free critiques and advice on copywriting, the teleclasses, and the private group forum online – all of which are worth their weight on gold, there’s an added benefit to being part of the Superheroes that makes the monthly investment more than worthwhile.

I can sum it up in one word.


Many of the new clients I’ve taken on in the last year, are through referrals from like-minded business owners (and from Vicky herself) – and converting these interested parties into my clients has made the ROI from joining the Superheroes incalculable. It easily runs into 1000%+ in frequent cases.

And it’s not just new business from any old people, it’s business from the type of clients I really want to deal with: they fit my Client Avatar perfectly, I really enjoy working with them, and they appreciate the expertise I can offer them (and are prepared to pay accordingly).
So each month I could have invested the equivalent sum on other aspects of my business marketing, and hopefully gained a reasonable ROI, but with Small Business Superheroes I get all the benefits of being part of the group, plus the massive added bonus of new, high quality clients thrown in.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for working with Vicky and joining the Superheroes. It’s completely changed my business.

If you’re like I was 18 months ago, and feel that you’re struggling to get clients and pay the bills each month, but you’re prepared to work hard and invest your time and effort into growing your business, then I really recommend you invest in Small Business Superheroes too: for everything it offers. Even if you just try it out with Vicky’s offer, you’ve got nothing to lose and a MASSIVE amount to gain. JFDI.”

~ Julia King, artist and illustrator, UK