BANG! Be in the successful minority

Everything you’ve read in these blog posts so far will work, as long as you do it. But there’ve been a couple of biggies along the way; ideas so important that if you can really grok them, they’ll transform your business. This is one of those ideas. Throughout these blogs, I've cajoled, encouraged you and [...]

  Today, I’ve got five tips you can use to make your writing easier and funner. Okay, here goes. These tips are in no particular order, and you don't have to do all of them every time (but I'd recommend you do).  Writing Tip #1 Make a very simple plan. Spend five minutes on it. [...]

You don’t have to outrun the zombies

Have you seen The Walking Dead? I’m a sucker for a good zombie story. I’ve even got a Zombie Plan that involves taking over Warwick Castle (it’s got a working trebuchet, massive high walls, and it’s within running distance, so it’s a no-brainer). The thing about zombies is that some of them are fast, and [...]

So, yesterday I gave SMM (social media marketing) a bit of an earbashing. Today I’m going to wax lyrical about Facebook advertising, which is bloody brilliant – and, at the moment, cheap. If you’re not doing it, you should. The targeting is incredibly powerful. Here are a few facts about Facebook, if you’re not convinced: [...]

Does your bank accept Facebook ‘likes’ or shares? How about retweets? Or +1s? Nope, mine either. So why do people invest such time and effort (and often money) into social media marketing (SMM)? Honestly: I’m not sure. Not only can you not bank ‘likes’, you can’t measure how effective SMM is. You can’t possibly know [...]

Five myths about email marketing

Throughout my blog posts and my book Business For Superheroes, I bang the drum about contacting your customers and prospects often. The easiest and most profitable way to do this is by email, using software like Ontraport (which I use), AWeber (which I used to use), MailChimp, Infusionsoft, or similar. It works. It works for me, and [...]

My best friend moved to Cornwall a few years ago. I live near Leamington Spa, about 250 miles away. I miss her like crazy because I don’t get to see her nearly as often nowadays. When we do get together, though, it’s ace and it’s like she never left. And our visits are filled with [...]

Have you ever noticed how you get more sure of something the more time you put into it? Or more convinced that a purchase was worth the money after you’ve bought it – to the extent that you defend your decision to those who question it? A couple of Canadian psychologists (Knox and Inkster, 1968) [...]

Marketing is not a dirty word

I’ve been thinking about why marketing and salesmanship seems to have such a poor reputation among so many people. It tends to conjure up images of Bryl-cream-haired, shiny-suited arseholes trying to sell you a crappy used car. (And, granted, there are a few of those types around.)  Perhaps it’s because what we’re trying to do, [...]

Please read this blog because kittens

A social psychologist at Harvard, Ellen Langer, neatly demonstrated a form of human automatic action with a library-based experiment. It’s well-known that when we ask someone for a favour, we’ll be more successful if we give a reason. What’s less well-known is that reason can be anything: from the perfectly reasonable to the utterly ridiculous. [...]

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