Screw productivity, do this instead

Should. Should should SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD! How often do you hear that word?   How often do you say that word? How often do you say it to yourself? All the things you should be doing. All the stuff you shouldn't have done. All that productivity you should have been creating. All that pressure. All [...]

It winked at me with its weird little nipple, and I bent the spoon. Not in a Uri Geller fake-magic shyster con-man kinda way, you understand. I bent the spoon on a disappointingly unripe avocado.  I love avocados. Mostly I love them in their guacamole form, but I'll happily sit and scoop out the radioactive-green [...]

Squeeze my stress balls [new podcast]

I first realised I had a little problem when I floated out of my body and watched myself screeching at my computer mouse. Because that's not normal behaviour.  You know how sometimes you can be going off on one, and one part of you seems to be watching from somewhere else and rolling its eyes [...]

Have you seen the zombie hordes moaning "New Year New Me!" all over social media yet? We all know most of them are going to carry on doing the same old same old. And hey, what's wrong with the old me, anyway? I'm all for continuous improvement, but none of this "getting rid of everything [...]

Here's why your New Year's Resolutions won't stick: it's really easy to stand up at midnight on a somewhat arbitrary day and declare you're going to do (or stop doing) something.  But then you wake up the next day and have to actually do it. That's the hard part. What most people don't realise is [...]

“I am a sales guru!”

The other day, I noticed an email address on my list. He's unsubscribed, so I have no problem with gently mocking him... Because it was "salesguru" followed by a load of numbers, then the domain. A generic domain by the way – along the lines of hotmail / yahoo / gmail. It made me laugh [...]

Lessons from an ice sculptor

It's Friday! So I drew the Pink Panther pole dancing. As you do. All as part of my learning to draw cartoons course, d'you see?  Anyway I've also made a short video for you, to show you a quick, simple, and easy way to build relationships with your prospective clients and get them buying from [...]